Remover for lady’s underwear Sarasaty, Kobayashi Seiyaku

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Customer reviews: Remover for lady’s underwear Sarasaty, Kobayashi Seiyaku

It copes only with the specific spots

Author: Sophie     Date: 2013-09-25
Author´s opinion:
I ordered this remover in the Internet shop selling goods from Japan. I’ve tried it in some washes and now I can judge about this product. The remover is effective only with the spots that the regular women troubles leave. It is useless with the other spots – from tea or sweat. Frankly speaking, I didn’t test it on other albuminous spots, there was no need in it. Nowadays there are numerous sanitary towels, that’s why such spots emerge really seldom (as for me). I think this bottle will last for a long time. On the one hand, the remover is not bad, on the other hand – if you immediately rinse the dirty underwear in cool ...