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product  (For woman): Handbag “Secretary”, Avon
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Date: 2013-07-15

A handbag “Secretary” – is a novelty of the catalogue of the 2013. This thing is released by Avon Company so that to lighten women lives. Right from the name of the handbag it’s understood that it is designed to organize the space and to make order.

It is so. The “Secretary” bag — is a mini bag, which has to play the role of a big make-up bag.

The bag is absolutely black. From one side, it has two identical little pockets on the outside, from the other side – four – one big and three for oblong objects like a pencil or pens.

The handbag is made from a synthetic material – 100% polyester. It looks like a simple black little sackcloth. The lining is stylish – in polka dots pattern.

The handbag is qualitative. The seams are even. It is provided with two handles. I tried to stuff into those things that should be kept in it. I don’t know… Little things, like palette with shadows and nail polish will fall out of this bag, because it has no zip. Bottles with cleaners are striving to fall as well.

It’s indisputable advantage of the handbag that everything is needed to be laid from one bag to another, as if you like changing bags, can be put into it.

And as for the space in the bag, this bag will hardly help to organize it in the right way. It takes a lot of space itself, if it is “condensed” with cosmetic accessories. This “organizer” won’t definitely get in a small bag. I stay silent as for the little one at all.

If you love sack bags, than this handbag will only hinder. The bag will lose all its contents, and will even could be lost, after all the space of the handbag is endless.

The moral of my reference is so – the idea of the handbag is good, but the bag itself is not so highly needed.

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