Massaging essence for face Kobayashi Meguri Hada

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Customer reviews: Massaging essence for face Kobayashi Meguri Hada

I didn’t understand this means and didn’t love it

Author: Ashley     Date: 2013-08-02
Author´s opinion:
I mention at once, I didn’t understand and didn’t approve this means, as I was buying it just as it was declared – as a massaging essence. By sight it is a transparent, very light, practically colorless (a little bit yellowish) gel, with a slight incomprehensible chemical-grassy smell. As it is a gel, than as it should be with gels it is soaked in rather easily and quickly. I can’t do a massage using it, just as if it’s smeared while quickly going along the massage lines, but I don’t consider it to be real massage. The consistence is very rich – extracts of 12 herbs. As a care agent the essence is probably not bad, but as a ...