Lip balsam Shiseido Therapind Oil Balm

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Customer reviews: Lip balsam Shiseido Therapind Oil Balm

Balsam of unusual consistence, but efficient

Author: Linda     Date: 2013-08-06
Author´s opinion:
Had been using different products of Japanese cosmetics for a sufficient amount of time, I began to get used to the fact that many agents were sticky to the greater or lesser extent. But I didn’t expect any stickiness of a lip balsam. Fortunately for this balsam, the stickiness isn’t strong and repulsive, it becomes lesser over time, but doesn’t fade away completely. The balsam is yellow, colorless on lips, only giving glitter. Among other elements it contains E vitamin, sesame oil and lavender’s extract. It smells nothing. By the consistence – it’s like a thick ointment or a lanoline. I put it on the lips and around ...