Lip balm Natural Aroma «Apricot», Dzintars

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Customer reviews: Lip balm Natural Aroma «Apricot», Dzintars

Soft and has delicious smell, what else do you need?

Author: Ashley     Date: 2013-09-06
Author´s opinion:
This lip balm surprised me with its softness and smoothness. I have been using a lot of different lip balms but any of them is sensed differently during application, either it is rather sticky or small grains are felt or it is just sliding on the lips not very well. But as for this one everything is just the other way round. It is very soft and smooth as if you smear your lips with a piece of butter. It is not sticky and moderately oily. It smells like an apricot just as you were expecting. One more thing that surprised me was that there is no composition on the case at all. It is only mentioned that it contains UV filter. What kind of ...