Kenwood MG510 PRO 1600

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Customer reviews: Kenwood MG510 PRO 1600

A real helper with mincing meat

Author: Marta Jurkevics     Date: 2013-09-14
Author´s opinion:
We bought Kenwood MG510 PRO 1600 rather spontaneously, looking for absolutely different models of other firms. First we were choosing among Brown Multiquick 5 G1500, Philips HR 2727/50, Moulinex HV8 ME6251. The main requirement was capacity, and we’d like the price to be reasonable too. We bought Kenwood on sale (there were 30% discounts on household appliances of this firm),so we couldn't help buying. The first thing we liked was the body made of stainless steel. It looks stylish and more reliable than plastic appliances. The second advantage is metal internals. The manufacturer claims that all the ...