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Date: 2013-07-01

It is difficult not to be impressed by a big bottle of all-around cream. It can be used everywhere. It is for your hands, feet, face and all the rest in between.

Personally, I brought the cream for my hands, because the dryness on my hands cannot be reduced even when I use buckets of moisturizers and emollients. The skin on my hands is so dry that I compelled to overcome the problem by using of the huge amount of different creams.

When I saw a huge bottle in the list, I was delighted. I was also pleased with the presence of a dispenser on the bottle of the cream.

The dispenser is a pump that allows you to easily span the cream. At the top of the dispenser there are arrows that are labelled “open-close” just to show where the user can get the cream.

On the back side of the bottle there are instructions on how to use and a very important part – the composition of the product. If you read the label, you will see that this cream is pretty regular moisturizing product. Towards the end of the label you will find almond oil, aloe juice and extract of cotton plant. There is not much of them in the composition, but anyway they are there.

The cream is suitable for sensitive baby skin and I believe in it. Reading the composition is enough for belief. I would relate cream to the lotions group. It is quite light and not so dense. It is quickly absorbed. Right after the application of cream it leaves a slight trace on skin, but that trace disappears pretty fast. Since the cream is light, a large amount applied on the skin can form some sort of pellets. Simply reduce the amount of cream if this happens. Apparently outside of the bottle, the cream dries quickly and can be very uncomfortable when used.

The product itself is not all bad. It is perfectly go with reasonable prices, fair quality and quite good performance. But here’s the disadvantage, the smell of cream is very strong and i can’t call it pleasant… it’s similar to an odour of hydrocyanic acid from the bitten cherry pit. The only thing is that the scent goes away quickly and the skin doesn’t retain such an odour.

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