Gustavsberg Coloric 21905123

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Customer reviews: Gustavsberg Coloric 21905123

A complete crap, broke in a month

Author: Richard Speidel     Date: 2013-08-08
Author´s opinion:
Gustavsberg seems to be very famous and ancient firm, specializing on sanitary equipment. I don’t know whether I got the unlucky model or spoilage, but this faucet didn’t work even a month. It is no doubt fine, but upon this its pluses end, the tilt is very inconvenient, you can only wash hands, but uncomfortably too. In general it’s inconvenient to wash oneself with this faucet, as it blocks up half of a washbasin and hinders to bend the head forward. As a matter of fact the adjuster of water presser has broken down, you turn on the water and the faucet doesn’t hold the adjuster on the set level, it goes back to the closed ...