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Customer reviews: Grohe 33244

Classic faucet for bidet is the best choice

Author: Eric     Date: 2013-08-16
Author´s opinion:
I have bought this Grohe faucet for a bidet rather long time ago, it has worked for 2 years without any hints on any malfunctions. Grohe is a German company and the faucets are made in Germany with the highest quality. The faucet has got very smooth course of water adjusting knob, SilkMove technology seem to me. Truly, it differs a lot from ordinary faucets, it is adjusted very smoothly. The little lever is also regulated in quite a big range, very comfortably. There is an aerator, which really works, and is not just installed for beauty. Nothing in these 2 years has anywhere been rubbed, chipped and rusted, the quality, ...