How to make fruit Beldi


How to make fruit Beldi

We already discussed earlier how to cook Beldi soap “from scratch” to wash hair. Based on this recipe, you can make a magnificent pasty soap with fruit powders.

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  • How to make fruit Beldi

    Take ready-made Beldi, prepared following by any recipe. When you prepare the Beldi for body, you can use recipes of Beldi for hair (but not the vice-versa). Since we are using Beldi made by the “cold” way, we have to allow the end product to ripen for 1-1.5 months.

  • How to make fruit Beldi

    Split the soap mass into pieces and add fruit powder (blueberry, pears and sea buckthorn for example). Fruit Powders it is a micronized powders which are made from selected fruits and berries for cosmetic purposes. Adding fruit powder in Beldi soap will result to gentle exfoliating characteristics, also enriches the soap with unique capabilities which inherent their initial components.

  • How to make fruit Beldi

    Combine the fruit powders with the soap, and mix thoroughly.

  • How to make fruit Beldi

    Tightly close containers with soap and leave for 1-1.5 months to get ripen.

  • How to make fruit Beldi

    The color of Beldi will be more concentrated in time. Add your favorite essential oils (1-2% of the entire weight of the soap mass) in the finished product. Choose the one that fits your skin type, and mix them thoroughly again.

  • How to make fruit Beldi

    Beldi with fruit powder can be used not only for body cleaning, but also for washing. Sharp particles are very tiny, so they will not harm your skin. It cleans skin very tenderly and results to suppleness and smoothness of the skin.


  • The standard amount of fruit powders in the soap is 3-5%.
  • Beldi with fruit powders is applied on the pre-steamed skin. After 3-5 minutes, rinse using bare hands or with a special kind of gloves. Right after the first applying, the results will be great and skin is guaranteed beautiful.

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  1. opra 26 October 2013 :

    This Beldi looks simply magnificent, and I can also imagine its smell of essential oils and fruit… I won’t mind to eat it

  2. Uma 26 November 2013 :

    Yeah, it looks really appetizing, but I think it will be more useful on your hands than in your stomach;)

  3. Sandra 01 August 2014 :

    Do you not need a reventive when you add the powders? Also where is ready-made Beldi?

    Love the sound of this soap

  4. Hi, i don’t sell ready-made products. My business is a teaching only :)
    Please clarify what do you mean by reventive?

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