Fancl Calorie Limit, Blocator of calories

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Warning! Consult with your physician before using medications!

Active ingredients:

  1. Chitosan
  2. Carnation
  3. Mulberry leaf
  4. Gimnema

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General information

Prescription required No
Attention decrement No
Alcohol tolerance Yes
Is this a supplement Yes

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  1. Fancl
Average Rating 10
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Excellent supplement for gourmands

Author: Gail     Date: 2013-07-21
Author´s opinion:
I think there are many people in the world unsatisfied with their weight. Most probably, almost all aren’t satisfied with it. One people want to grow thin, other – vice versa – to gain weight. To help the first (as well as the second) categories of people bioactive nutrient’s manufacturers offer an enormous assortment of bioactive supplements and drugs. I was always uptight about similar ones, as I read many negative references – metabolism breaks, and there is a stool disorder and other troubles. But I decided to try this bioactive nutrient of the Japanese manufacturer. The composition includes — mulberry ...