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Date: 2013-07-29

I think every lady, interested in preserving her beauty and well-groomed skin knows that peeling procedures are necessary and first assistants for this. Scrubs, sponges, peelings, gommages – all these are vocated to clean and renovate the upper corneal layer of the skin. Obagi Peel has left me the most wonderful feelings. This is a 10% peel, containing 3 kinds of acids – glycolic, lactic and phytic. Generally peels for home use contains lower level of acids and the phytic acid can be found quite rarely, though it possesses perfect rejuvenating properties.

The peel is poured into bottles with dozers – I like such very much, it’s the most convenient and hygienic variant of package. Such bottle will be enough for very long time. It’s rather liquid, 2 pressings are enough so to put the agent on the face and neck. The smell is neither pleasant nor repulsive. Strictly speaking it smells sourly, there are a faint note of citric plants and very slight of an alcoholic. After smearing it can pinch a little. It is an indelible gel, after it has soaked in you can smear a care agent but I don’t. I use it once-twice a week, it can be used either this way, or 10-days courses several times per year. It is especially irreplaceable for people with greasy or aging skin – after the peeling it literally comes to life. If this bottle ends, I’ll definitely buy one more.

While buying I was given another tester of this agent in the form of mask, nice as well, but I prefer creams and gels – they are quicker and easier to use, nothing has to be washed off.
The only thing, is that like any other peeling, it should be used carefully during the sunny season, or protect your face from sun rays, so that not to get pigmentation.

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  1. Ritta 31 August 2013 :

    As for me, I haven’t used any kinds of scrubs, peeling gels and so on because of my young age. But, unfortunately, time flows quickly and soon I’ll need them, tooDue to your review I am now aware of what a perfect peeling gel should be like. I will try to use exactly this one if it is affordable for me.

  2. Connie 29 March 2014 :

    I thank you for your review. I am curious to know how much your face peeled after using this? After reading about peels the 10% doesn’t sound strong enough to get a good peel! or am I wrong?

  3. Hi.
    Yes, you’re right, this peeling can not be compared with one which is made in a beauty salon. Skin doesn’t flake off after its usage, but it starts to peel off a little. When it starts to peel off I use a facial scrub. As for me, the main indicator of good agent is a skin peeling, so i can see that skin is refreshed. But not as strongly as after the beauty salon. The skin becomes fresher, pigmentation and freckles turns paler. I use this peeling for hands as well, because it costs rather reasonable and consumes sparingly.

  4. Stephy 19 April 2014 :

    Hi, may I know if you use this as a toner after cleansing? Do you combine it with moisturizer?

  5. Hi Stephy, i use it alone, without any other means.

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