Aftershave cream EAU Thermale, Avene

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Customer reviews: Aftershave cream EAU Thermale, Avene

Alcohol free but expensive cream of high quality

Author: Gary A.     Date: 2013-10-02
Author´s opinion:
I’ve ran out of aftershave cream recently and I wanted to try something new. So, without hesitation, I went to the pharmacy and bought the EAU Thermale aftershave cream of the Avene firm. Actually, I treat triclosan rather skeptically, however, the skin care products containing alcohol are contraindicated to me, and this cream doesn’t contain it. But it contains triclosan – an antimicrobial remedy which is added even to the toothpastes, but I consider it wrong, as it gets into the organism anyway. But I have nothing against triclosan as a cream and I’ve decided to try it. The quality is as high as usual, the cream is a ...