Acidic peeling mask Triple Peel 10 Mask, Obagi

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Customer reviews: Acidic peeling mask Triple Peel 10 Mask, Obagi

High quality and efficient mask

Author: Sophie     Date: 2013-07-31
Author´s opinion:
This mask I got in form of a tester buying the peeling gel, which I thoroughly wrote about here. I wrote in details about the consistence and my impressions from the peeling ibidem. So to be brief, I like the substance very much, I have been using it with pleasure and regularly for more than half a year. The mask distinguishes from the gel by its consistence – it’s dense, thick. There is a distinctive smell. The amount in the tester was enough for me to smear it 3 times on the face. And since superfluous movements - to smear, sit with it, than to wash it off strain me, I prefer Obagi peeling to be in form of a gel. But this is the ...