How to make a softening salt for bathing


How to make a softening bath salts

Regular use of bath with sea salt has been known to be powerful in improving health and can revive the body. It helps to relieve fatigue, eliminate stress, improve heart condition, and helps to have a normal sleep. It can also make skin more smoother, stretchable and flexible. Aromatherapy can significantly improve the positives of the sea salt bathing with help of essential oils and skin softening additives.

You´ll need

  • Sea ​​salt – 10.58 oz (300 g.)
  • Baking soda – 3.53 oz (100 g.)
  • Starch – 1.76 oz (50 g.)
  • Peach kernel oil – 0.35 oz (10 g.)
  • Polysorbate 80 – 0.07 oz (2 g.)
  • Sea ​​buckthorn extract – 0.7 oz (20 g.)
  • Essential oil of ylang-ylang – 0.07 oz (2 g.)


  • How to make a softening bath salts

    To maximize the positives of sea salt, choosing the right foundation (the salt itself) is very important. Common salt has a completely neutral composition, so its necessary to enrich the salt with variety of useful additives, such as essential oil and plant extracts. Whereas sea salt has a very rich chemical composition: a lot of minerals needed to maintain healthy and beautiful skin and the entire body. I recommend you to use sea salt for this recipe. Now mix the salt with baking soda, which is helpful for keeping a soft skin.

  • How to make a softening bath salts

    Add the starch. This will provide the skin softening effect that can easily be felt.

  • How to make a softening bath salts

    Combine the peach kernel oil with Polysorbate. The oil will nurture and will help for softer skin, while polysorbate will help it to spread evenly in the water, which will prevent the formation of oil film on the surface.

  • How to make a softening bath salts

    Dissolve the oil of ylang-ylang in solution to essential oils. This essential oil does not only produce a fragrant floral scent; it also has positive effects on the skin that can easily be noticed.

  • How to make a softening bath salts

    Add the dry sea buckthorn extract to the sea salt blend. Dry sea buckthorn extract has complete beneficial properties of plant.

  • How to make a softening bath salts

    Dispense the oil into the salt mixture, and mix them thoroughly.

  • How to make a softening bath salts

    Dissolve ready-made sea salt in warm water bath, where you can take a bath for 20-25 minutes. This time duration will be sufficient enough for your skin and the entire body, which can feel the effect of the active components of the softening bath salt.


  • Adding essential oils to the sea salt can create a very powerful effect on your skin, so you have to read carefully the precautions about each chosen oil before using them. Consult your doctor if it doubt.

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  1. Nelly 25 October 2013 :

    I’ve already had an experience of using the sea salt, especially the salt of the Dead Sea. I can confirm that it really has those characteristics as Maria mentioned in her article. I don’t mind to try this softening salt, I hope I won’t be disappointed.

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