Ring “Queen of Dreams”, Avon

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Customer reviews: Ring “Queen of Dreams”, Avon

No words to express how beautiful this costume jewelry is

Author: Lillie Walker     Date: 2013-07-07
Author´s opinion:
I have no words to express the beauty of this custom jewelry. The costume jewelry "Queen of Dreams"  is a novelty jewelry from the pages of the catalogs of Avon. This jewelry certainly appeals to those who love pearls and all that pearls stand for. Of course, this jewelry are not real pearls, and not even artificial jewelry. I'd like to tell you about a ring with pearl-like "eye" bead. In general, the pearl (whether real or fake) can beautify any jewelry style. The noble, warm glow of nacre is a symbol of femininity. The rounded shape of the pearl bead symbolizes perfection, innocence and purity. The ringlet ...