Peeling Foot Babyfoot EasyPack SP, Liberta

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I recommend this "socks" to everyone!

Author: Linda     Date: 2013-06-22
Author´s opinion:
I think many women who are interested in cosmetics, know about the "magic socks" which can make wonders. In case you never heard about such a socks, I will briefly describe - it's a feet peeling in the one-time package. After the application of these socks, your feet will be soft as a child's. There are several sizes - small, medium and large. Box contains sealed package in which two plastic socks may be found. Socks has a cloth surface inside, which is impregnated with a special solution, the composition can be found on the packaging. Basically it is made of fruit acids, plant extracts, etc. These socks are put on clean ...