Disappointing and overpriced steamer from the most famous brand

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Date: 2013-06-06

Double boiler is one of the appliances that everybody needs to make an effort to equip their kitchen with. This is especially important if you have kids in the house or need to prepare special meals. Moreover, it is quite simple; by making use of a steamer, less time is spent in food preparation. Besides, meals prepared using steamer such as omelets are quite delicious and healthy.

When I first moved to my current house, I was using a steam cooker even though it was small in size. Since the brand I was looking for was not accessible in my local retail store, I decided to settle for Philips since it is a trusted brand name and most households prefer home appliances made by Philips.

Even though I had not used this particular brand in the past, the following were my first impressions of the steam cooker by Philips:
– Transparent cups: These have been specially designed so as to enable you monitor the cooking process.
– Handy programs: Included in the design are a couple of prebuilt apps that enables you to prepare delicious dishes such as fish with relative ease.
– Turbo mode: This feature enables users to prepare meals in record time. It can come in if you need to prepare a simple meal but do not want to spend the entire day waiting for it to be ready.
– Timer: Thanks to the help of the timer, you do not have to continually check on the food you are cooking.

These were all the pros i found, then lets talk about cons, because these disadvantages are overlaps all the pros easily. For instance, the price is incredibly high and i don’t know why.

Next. Steamer’s lattice has removable bottom, which is handy for washing. But these bottom parts are curved. As a result, the dish is slide down (potatoes for example) or moves to the edges of the cups (fish for example). Besides these facts, you have to check carefully an installation of the lattice to avoid warping or falling them down (it’s not funny when stacked products are falling to floor).

The bowl used as a condensate is also quite small. After about 40 minutes of food preparation, especially if you are making meat, the broth tends to overflow to the lower bowl containing water and vaporizer. Since the boiler is an electronic device, cleaning becomes VERY hard after the mess since you have to take into consideration the electronic components making it up.

The other unpleasant feature which I noticed about this particular double boiler is the system of bowls that tend to extend from the base to the top. This in turn means that:
1. You have to install the cups in a specific order because of its dimensions.
2. You have to mount them ALL for ANY preparation even though you may be preparing a simple dish like an omelette in one special cup. Because the top lid suits only for top cup. And special cup for an omelette can be mounted ONLY in the top cup! And this is the biggest flaw of that steamer. In the first picture you can see what I mean – the lid does not close tightly the lower cup of a double boiler, as it is too big for that cup. In a second picture you may observe how much steamer extends upward.

Buying steam cooker Philips HD 9160/00 was very unsuccessful for me, I advise you to think twice if you are going to buy this model. I would put 1 out of 10 for this model, but it performs its major functions not too bad, so i put the 4 out of 10.

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  1. Windy 12 September 2013 :

    I completely agree with your appraisal, as such faults are unacceptable and they are more considerable than the advantages. If I were you, I would try to change this steamer for a more convenient one or at least to return it and get your money back.

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