Moisturizing cream for face, body and hands, Avon

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Customer reviews: Moisturizing cream for face, body and hands, Avon

Volume of product is quite impressive

Author: Gail     Date: 2013-07-01
Author´s opinion:
It is difficult not to be impressed by a big bottle of all-around cream. It can be used everywhere. It is for your hands, feet, face and all the rest in between. Personally, I brought the cream for my hands, because the dryness on my hands cannot be reduced even when I use buckets of moisturizers and emollients. The skin on my hands is so dry that I compelled to overcome the problem by using of the huge amount of different creams. When I saw a huge bottle in the list, I was delighted. I was also pleased with the presence of a dispenser on the bottle of the cream. The dispenser is a pump that allows you to easily span ...