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Date: 2013-06-27

A body lotion called “Cocktail with pomegranate and mango” refers to a series of Naturals. This line of products contain a huge selection of cleaning and regular skincare products. These are my absolute favorites, products are packaged in some sort of bottles like drinking yoghurt.

There is an assortment of fruit products in this line. Today I want to tell you about the product called “Cocktail with pomegranate and mango”, since many consumers prefer products just because of their bright and rich flavor. Of course, I also didn’t passed by that tasty “yogurt”.

The lotion has highest emollient properties and intensively cares for dry skin. This claim is actually true since the first on the list of ingredients after water is paraffin. This component is widely used in medicine and has no contraindications even for people with sensitive skin.

Next on the list is glycerin. Glycerin is a powerful moisturizer. Furthermore it helps to mature cells.

Stearic acid on the other hand is an interesting component. This fatty acid presents including in our body, particularly in the secretion of sebaceous glands. This acid softens and moisturizes the skin.

Due to my observations i have noted that many components in cosmetics mainly play a dual role – besides of skin care function, they keep a stable condition of emulsion of creams and lotions, and helps mixing components together. It is the same with stearic acid. It stabilizes the dense phase of lotion and at the same time it does not weigh down its texture. The lotion is quite light, it absorbs quickly, leaving a pleasant fruity scent trail on the body.

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  1. Lucky 02 September 2013 :

    According to your review, it is just a perfect body lotion with numerous useful characteristics and a magnificent flavor. Personally I don’t like exactly this one (I mean pomegranate and mango), but what really impressed me are the dual functions of the components. But, to make sure it really helps, I have to try it myself.

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