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Date: 2013-06-22

I think many women who are interested in cosmetics, know about the “magic socks” which can make wonders. In case you never heard about such a socks, I will briefly describe – it’s a feet peeling in the one-time package. After the application of these socks, your feet will be soft as a child’s. There are several sizes – small, medium and large. Box contains sealed package in which two plastic socks may be found. Socks has a cloth surface inside, which is impregnated with a special solution, the composition can be found on the packaging. Basically it is made of fruit acids, plant extracts, etc. These socks are put on clean and dry feet for 2 hours. Over these socks you need to wear warm thick socks (i mean usual socks), and to refrain from movements since walking in wet plastic socks is very dangerous because of high slip. After 2 hours the socks must be removed, the feet must be thoroughly washed under running water. After three days, you will notice that dead skin will begin to flake.

I was not particularly impressed at first, it seemed to me that the peeling is weak. But that all changed when I took a bath. Dead and dry skin began to peel easily by huge rags. In picture – my husband was kind enough to pose for me.

The cost of this magic socks is about 25$ (I bought them from a Japanese online store). You can say that it is quite expensive for one-time socks, but I can’t agree. I disdain to do pedicures in salons and do this at home as well. I was never able to clean my heels so deep without such a socks. You will also notice no unpleasant feelings when using these socks – it does not burn, does not sting, etc. I am also glad to tell that my husband and I use them together – first one, then another, for the second time we put it for 2.5 hours instead of 2 hours as at first time. But you have to remember that first and second using of socks must take place at the same time, one after another. There is a little aesthetic lack when the skin start to come off, but you can easily rid of it with help of bathing and any scrub – consequently flaked skin will peel off at once. Skin is coming off not only from heels, but from all over the foot. Only the dead skin is coming off.

I tried to capture the package in details. As you can see there are inscriptions on the packaging which is mostly in Japanese, but thanks to the drawings, it is easy to use nevertheless.

I’m definitely happy with Babyfoot socks and now use them regularly. The foots are staying soft and silky for about 2 months, but this is probably an individual term.

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  1. Samba 04 September 2013 :

    It is the first time I hear about such socks. Frankly speaking, at first I could hardly believe you. But when I saw the pictures you’ve taken, I changed my mind. I think these socks are useful for people whose heel skin is really dry. In this case the socks are worth their price. But, in my case, they are too expensive.

  2. Uma 05 September 2013 :

    I don’t agree. In my opinion, smooth heels are worth this money. I can’t bear the view of the hardened women heels, it’s just horrible! And I’m ready to spend much to look perfect in any spot of my body.

  3. Samba 07 September 2013 :

    You have misunderstood me. I just said that my heels are not in such a bad condition to spend 25$ for those “magic socks”. I can treat them myself at home.

  4. Vuddi 09 September 2013 :

    Well, you are free to do what you want, but I’m sure that the simple home treatment is incomparable with the professional care.

  5. Jenifer Pat 10 September 2013 :

    OK, maybe you are right. But still, I won’t dare to purchase these socks without learning more about the manufacturer and the solution which is used inside the socks.

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