How to make honey Beldi for hair


How to How to make honey Beldi hair

Beldi soap is a unique pasty soap, and first came from Morocco. Beldi is usually used in Turkish steam bath Hamam, it’s a first stage of skin cleansing. During the pre-bath, skin is being covered with soap for 5 minutes. Then, the body is massaged using special gloves. Moroccan black soap Beldi is known worldwide. After using Beldi soap, the skin becomes smooth and elastic. Natural Beldi is made from olive oil, lye and grinded eucalyptus leaves. Nowadays, Beldi soap is an any pasty soap based on potassium hydroxide, regardless of its additives. By making some changes in genuine Beldi recipe, and adding the base oils that are helpful to the hair, you can get a magnificent honey Beldi for hair.

You´ll need

  • Olive oil – 7.05 oz (200 g.)
  • Castor oil – 2.11 oz (60 g.)
  • Coconut oil – 2.11 oz (60 g.)
  • Mustard oil – 1.4 oz (40 g.)
  • Camelina oil – 1.4 oz (40 g.)
  • Potassium hydroxide – 2.68 oz (76 g.)
  • Water – 4.94 oz (140 g.)
  • Honey – 0.7 oz (20 g.)
  • Lemon essential oil – 0.28 oz (8 g.)
  • SF 3% (input this value in soap calculator when calculating recipe)


  • How to How to make honey Beldi hair

    We’ll use cold way for cooking honey Beldi – without boiling the soap mass. Weigh the necessary oils and warm up them by using water bath method.

  • How to How to make honey Beldi hair

    Weigh the Alkali and pour it into water. Wait until the water turns clear.

  • How to How to make honey Beldi hair

    Wait until the alkaline solution and oils have the same temperature. Pour the alkaline solution to the oil mixture.

  • How to How to make honey Beldi hair

    Mix everything by means of blender until homogeneous condition.

  • How to How to make honey Beldi hair

    Making soap based on potassium hydroxide is longer and more complicated than based on sodium hydroxide. Mix the soap base for 1-2 minutes using a blender. Then, leave it for 20-30 minutes. Blend will exfoliate, it’s normal. Continue mixing it until after the next turn, the heavy soap mass will not be seen and you’ll not be able to stir it.

  • How to How to make honey Beldi hair

    However, this condition is temporary. This is a sign that the desired consistency of the Beldi will be reached soon.

  • How to How to make honey Beldi hair

    After 30-40 minutes, the soap mass will again be soft and after the next stirring by blender will not exfoliate anymore.

  • How to How to make honey Beldi hair

    Put the mixture to a water bath and boil it for 2-4 hours, or put it into a container with a tight-fitting lid and leave it for 4 weeks for ripening.

  • How to How to make honey Beldi hair

    We have made honey Beldi by using a cold way; soap is not being boiled. Instead, we have waited a month until it is already ripe. When the Beldi is ready, add honey and lemon essential oil. Mix them well and let to brew for another week.

  • How to How to make honey Beldi hair

    Honey Beldi is very fragrant. It can easily be spread through the hair and foams well. Fragile fine foam flawlessly cleanses the hair, leaving it flourishing and shiny.

  • How to How to make honey Beldi hair

    Apply small amount of soap to wet hair. Massage it while applying soap, then leave for 3-5 minutes. Then, rinse your hair vigorously using warm running water.


  • Honey Beldi has oils which are not leave film on your hair.
  • You can strengthen hair shine by rinsing them with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice after washing.

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  1. Jannet Li 17 September 2013 :

    I won’t mind to have such a pre-bath and to have my body massaged using this Beldi soap. Is it possible nowadays?

  2. Jess 07 November 2013 :

    I think it is, you should contact a beauty salon. They should be aware of such a technic.

  3. Windy 11 November 2013 :

    Thanks for your advice. As for the soap itself, I think it can be useful for my greasy hair I hardly cope with.

  4. Rianna H 13 November 2013 :

    And I have troubles when combing hair, I hope it will help me get rid of this problem.

  5. Dora Rossi 30 November 2013 :

    I hope it will be effective in the solution of our problems. Good luck to you!

  6. Patti L 06 February 2014 :

    I hope to make this the ‘hot’ way in the crock pot. Should be pretty much the same process as any liquid soap right??

  7. Maria 06 February 2014 :

    Hello Patti L.
    Yes, it will be the same, but you should “cook” soap mass at least 2 hours on water bath, then let it cool down. After cooling of soap, you can add honey.

  8. Patti L 09 February 2014 :

    Maria, Thanks so much for posting this. Going to try making it today. I have NO patience so waiting for it to ripen is going to be hard, but I’ll try 😉

  9. Patti L 10 March 2014 :

    I did make this (and the liquid shampoo as well) in the crock pot instead of double boiler (I don’t have one) and it worked beautifully! I used the low setting on the crock pot. Thanks again for posting this! I’m doing the ‘no poo’ thing with my hair and sometimes when I feel I need some suds to really clean my hair and scalp, this is just the thing. Lots of bubbles and cleans wonderfully.

  10. Pamela Morris 11 August 2014 :

    I am confused on some of the recipe given. Some will not know what a water bath is or where to obtiam some of the ingredients. I would love to try this but do not have the time or patience to wait for a month, then an additional week before it can be used. Do you have or know any place that does carry the remade Beldi for those who do not have the capability to make it themselves.

  11. Hi Pamela Morris, the problem is that the ready-made product can’t be sent because it doesn’t contain a lot of preservative and will deteriorate fast. That is why you can either make it yourself or buy from someone who live nearby. All the ingredients listed in the recipe can be easily obtained from shops for soap makers, there are a lot of such shops online.


    Water bath is a very simple concept. You put a container with ingredients in a larger container with water and warm larger container with water, this action called water bath.

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