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Medication:   Drops for moistening of eyes of Hyal-Drop multi, Bausch&Lomb
Category:   Eye Diseases
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Date: 2013-06-04

There are a number of eye drops available in the market that can be used for moistening the eyes. I must admit that I was quite impressed by Hylo-Comod eye drops earlier. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find them in city where i live now. So i decided to buy these new eye drops called Hyal-Drop Multi, because it’s a german product and i trust it.

My disappointment was great when i discovered that these drops are moisturising an eyes for 1 hour only, when Hylo-Comod do it for period of 4-5 hours. As is the case with other eye products, portability is not an issue as you can pack the eye drops in your luggage and not have to worry about space. One of the main benefit of these drops is the convenient package and contactless and safe method of instilling drops in the eye. Long storage time (6 months) as a consequence of hermetic package is also positive point. Dispenser is just gorgeous, you can find the same on most German eye drops, all you need is to press and get exactly one drop, no more and no less. On balance, i can’t recommend these drops, but if you can’t find Hylo-Comod drops, these Hyal-Drops not the bad choice. Well, they are easy to use at least and will not cause harm to your eyes.

Still, before making your purchase, it is highly recommended that you consult an eye specialist, particularly if you have been diagnosed with an eye disease or suffer from an ailment that prohibits you from just applying anything in your eyes.

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Warning! Consult with your physician before using medications!

Active ingredients:

  1. Sodium hyaluronate

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  1. roll 16 September 2013 :

    I think that the fact that these drops only moisten your eyes for an hour is not so disappointing if the drops have reasonable price. If it is so, you shouldn’t care about it too much. To my mind, their pros are more evident than cons.

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