Even their pickpocket (which on a non blade Half elf easily

Very much an underdog, a plain Bard can actually solo the entire game from the beginning of BG1 all the way to the final fight in BG2:ToB (including Watcher’s Keep) and do it more easily than most other single class characters (a min/maxed fighter with all the best equipment set up for maximum DR is a little easier, but only slightly and nowhere near as fun to play, as melee is all they do). The Blade greatly improves the melee presence but isn’t at all required. The Thief xp table, ridiculous equipment versatility (and this BEFORE getting Use any item), and majority of the available mage spells (not the most game breaking ones, but the ones that matter the most), EPIC thief traps (Time stop traps, Spike traps) make for a ridiculously powerful character. Even their pickpocket (which on a non blade Half elf easily reaches 110 at the beginning of BG2) allows for tons of easy equipment that non thieves would probably never see. They’re almost a F/M/T in a single class http://www.polyvida.com/again-the-impact-of-a-shutdown-on-these-services-will-vary/, who levels up stupidly fast.

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