Water heater ABS VLS PW 100, Ariston

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Customer reviews: Water heater ABS VLS PW 100, Ariston

One of the best water heaters

Author: Todor     Date: 2013-06-14
Author´s opinion:
Our family was not used to save on such a matter, so we bought a water heater known as "Ariston" with a capacity of 26 gallons (100 liters) and an antibacterial mode. The display heater always has the function of self-diagnosis and it always detects the problem as well as if there is a threat, it shuts off the machine automatically. On display, you can choose the water temperature yourself from 100 F (40 C) to 200 F (80 C). For safety, it is integrated with a safety valve which always works automatically even without your intervention. This is also the case with increasing the water pressure in the water system due to ...