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Date: 2013-05-27

This toy may be the ideal way to teach kids about rural life but has some good points and not so good ones.

At first about the toy’s good points.
1. The toy farm is the most updated version released by Kiddieland. It is easier to play and there are some useful information that will help kids learn more.
2. It has a set of 4 animals — a cow, a horse, a pig and a cockerel — and the farmer. These figures may be played in a set or it is possible to play separately. There are still “built-in” characters — a birdie, a duck and a mouse.
3. All animals make sounds. Besides the animal sound there are also some melodies. Sideways the basket with vegetables — has two melodies. Similarly there are also buttons on the fruit tree that also produces melodies. Still there is a tractor which hoots and growls.
4. You don’t need to make up play anymore when studying rural life. Each time you may tell your child a modern story about the farmer and his animals in the farm. Don’t forget the vegetables and fruits that grows on the farm. You may also tell stories about grain being stored in the barn and about the little mouse who steals this grain.
5. There is a convenient handle, so your child may carry the farm from place to place.

Now about the negative comments.
1. The plastic used is not high quality.
2. Behind the toy is a lock on the shed which may be easily opened when the child wants to play with it.
3. Animals are very hard to be pulled out from grooves. You need to pull strongly. Besides, it is possible to get animals only through the central window (where the horse is located), or behind after opening the gate. This may also be very difficult for a young child to do.
4. To turn the tractor wheel to listen to a sound of its driving, it is hard to do even for me. My son cannot even turn the wheel on his own.

But in general the toy was very useful in training and developing a child’s knowledge about rural life. Having this toy for almost a year, I think that it will help develop my child’s skills and knowledge as well.

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