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product  (For woman): Ugg boots Koalabi
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Date: 2013-05-14

Unless you are the only one who does not browse through the web, watch the latest news on television and read newspapers, then odds are that you have already heard of UG Boots. According to numerous advertisements and reviews, the shoes are not only warm, but convenient. Unlike other brands, they hardly get damp and are portable. Basically, the boots allow your feet to breath. After giving into the whoopla, I decided to purchase the boots. After all, they came with greatly discounted prices since it was Christmas season.

Whereas I’ve never been a fan of suede, I was convinced that the promises made by UGG would guarantee me fewer efforts when it came to cleaning and maintenance. Then again, the shoes are tailored in Australia and come with a 25% discount. Having won UGG boots for the past one month, it is my belief that I’ve enough experience and as such can give you an honest and unbiased opinion in regards to the UGG Boots.

The Cons

  1. Before traveling with UGG Boots, you have to apply a special coat which acts as protection. Then again, the shoes are only good if you are on a dry surface. If it happens to rain or snow heavily, you will have to contend with wet shoes.
  2. The shoes are not convenient as the manufacturer says. Wearing the shoes is akin to putting on slippers. There is not enough support for the heels. As such, they are not convenient for walking.
  3. They do not offer sufficient warmth. Perhaps it’s because the soles are too thin and the furs on the inside are extremely shrill.
  4. The aesthetic is not appealing. This in turn makes the boots less attractive when it comes to choosing shoes for key events like wedding and birthday parties.
  5. The shoes are extremely slippery. Consequently, you cannot wear the shoes during the winter season since it does not offer adequate grip.

The Pros

Perhaps the only pro is that the shoes come in an attractive package. Otherwise, there is nothing good to write about the shoes.


Besides being hideous, the shoes are extremely overpriced. What’s more is that the features have also been over hyped.


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  1. Jenifer Pat 21 September 2013 :

    I was so stupid to buy these horrible boots! Everything you’ve mentioned in your review can be related to me. Next winter I’ll buy the simple warm boots as I used to wear.

  2. Ritta 23 September 2013 :

    Why did you buy them if they are horrible, as you said?

  3. Windy 25 September 2013 :

    When buying, I couldn’t predict the way they would look like in a couple of weeks of everyday wearing.

  4. Sabrina 27 September 2013 :

    And how did they look like?

  5. Windy 28 September 2013 :

    Well, you don’t believe me, as far as I see. Maybe, you’ve had another experience?

  6. Sabrina 29 September 2013 :

    Windy, no, I haven’t. And I believe you, I just want to make up my mind about this good.

  7. Ritta 02 October 2013 :

    I just want to add that if you have flatfoot, they can be even dangerous for your health, as the foot is not fixed, which is very harmful.

  8. Ylia 08 October 2013 :

    But is you suffer from flatfoot, you should have provided it all?

  9. Ritta 09 October 2013 :

    Of course, I should, but they were quite fashionable then, and all my friends wore them. I just wanted to try something new and extraordinary.

  10. Ylia 10 October 2013 :

    Ritta, i see. Now you will think better before making a choice.

  11. kyia 23 February 2014 :

    I was really surprised by your review and the comments that followed. I have several pairs of Koalabi Australia boots in different styles and have never had a problem with them.


    Reading your review I feel you may have a misconception as to what “ugg boots” are actual designed for. They were designed to be worn inside as a slipper. It has only been since celebrities were seen wearing them outside that people seemed to assume that they are an outside shoe.

    Given that they are made of sheepskin you would have to thought that they are not waterproof and if you wear them out in the snow or rain that they will get wet.


    I love Koalabi Australia boots and cannot recommend them enough.

  12. David Straw 20 July 2014 :

    I purchased a pair of slippers from this company as their headquarters if 5 minutes away from where I live. After only 3 weeks a tear developed in 1 of them. They were only worn around the house and received no hard treatment. Also they stretched to the point where they were very loose, whereas trying them on in the shop they were very tight.


    The slippers were taken back to the store. The manager refused to exchange them. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! THEY ARE RUBBISH.

  13. koalabi Australia customer service 05 August 2014 :

    In relation to the comments made above by David Straw, we feel that a explanation into this situation is in order so that customers do not get the wrong idea about Koalabi and our products.


    The slippers in question were inspected by quality control, the warehouse manager and the owner of the company. After inspecting the slippers separately, all three came back with the same result. The tear in the slipper was not the result of a manufacturing fault. The skin appeared to have been hooked or caught on the outside of the shoe resulting in a tear.


    David was offered a replacement pair at a highly discounted price. However he refused our offer.

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