The most effective exercise equipment for the press

Do you dream to have a nice, flat and tight stomach? So put the sandwich on the side and head straight to the fitness room. If you can not always play sports, you can achieve your ideal form by engaging in a home gym for the press.

Today, there is a wide variety of exercise equipment, making more and more consumers confused. But in this article we will look at exercise equipment for the press, which include a class of narrowly targeted equipment. In contrast to rich counterparts, these devices are designed to exercise only the muscle groups that many people want to see reduced. Remember that it is necessary to stay in a correct position, and the back and neck which are weak points, should be provided with additional support.

One of the main benefits of personal sports equipment is that you can deal with them at any time convenient to you. But before you buy exercise equipment for the press, you should study in detail the features and functions.

Consider the most popular exercise equipment for the press. The leader is a gymnastic bench that is simple both in design and in use. Buying such a simulator must not be looking at the manufacturer, because it does not have different expanders, balances and other devices. Please note that all ab trainers must be indicated by their weight limits.
gymnastic bench
A bench performs its basic functions: it helps to position the body and lock the arms and legs. This equipment  is most suitable for training the abdominal muscles at home. The bench is comfortable and it offers good support for the lower back, because when training on a flat surface they are subject to additional pressure and pain which is not always good.
Roman Chair
Roman Chair – under this name hides a whole class of simulators, on which you can use for the press, sides, back. Most often means a device to the T-shaped ‘seat. Contrary to popular opinion, the case raises the Roman chair involve mainly the lower and middle sections of the rectus abdominis muscle.  When it comes to ups performed with full amplitude (partial upgrades on this simulator are unrealizable); the seat is ideal to sit on. The complexity of the exercise increases as the level of the feet above the head. The same exercise on a Roman chair can be complicated by its additional features. There is also a special type of Roman chair with the possibility of pumping of the upper press, structurally composed of a seat with a backrest inclined to the horizontal at an angle of 60 degrees and a special device to hold an additional complication.
Wall bars
Wall bars – almost indispensable attribute of any gym, weight yards and school playgrounds. The origin of the name is unknown, but the Swedes however created a perfect name for the equipment. The simulator can be used for pumping the mass of muscle groups in different ways, muscles on the upper rungs with his back to the wall and lift the legs. In the presence of the board, one end of which is mounted on the crossbar (required hooks for fixation), and the second – on the floor, you can do the normal exercise techniques that you can do at the gym. The lower rungs of the wall bars are used as a footrest for housing that rises from the floor.
Fitball or gym ball – is used to perform a variety of different exercises for abs and obliques, and the muscles of the lumbar are. For example, lateral flexion (raising) a body lying sideways on the ball, feet shuffling the ball while lying on the back (ball on the weight), partial body lifts on the upper sections of the press, etc. The number of possible exercises is limited only by the imagination. The big advantage of this equipment is the low cost, low weight and size in its deflated state, which facilitates easy storage. Disadvantages – almost all of the exercises are available with or without the ball.
Gymnastic mats
Gymnastic mats – definitely you need mats to help you carefully exercise from the floor. Mats also help you gain leverage as you lift heavy things and to add resistance in other forms of exercises.
Absleyter – a simulator for the unconscious muscle tension in the press. Structurally consists of palm stomach and curved handles for the hands to be pulled over, which is why the emphasis on pushing the press, causing it to strain. Usually used by men, because this allows you to pump up your biceps and shoulders. To achieve the result you want to retry to 1000 (about 1.5-2 hours). It is highly specialized, offloads the waist and neck. Classified as an ideal home trainer.

Crossover, or block simulator. As the Swedes mainly used this equipment  for pumping non-media muscle. Performing abdominal exercises: arms to her knees, holding the handle of the upper block of the head as it tilts forward to make the upper part of the body. Exercise is designed for pumping the upper rectus abdominis muscle.
hula hoop
Gymnastic hoop or hula hoop. The rotation of the hoop around the waist is one of the most effective exercises designed for the general strengthening of the abdominal muscles: direct and oblique. Simple design, low empty weight and size make this equipment nsuitable for home use. However, studies with the hoop only effective for relatively long duration of their performance (at least an hour).
AB ROCKET Exerciser
AB ROCKET Exerciser helps abdominal workout, reduces inches off your waist and generally improves the silhouette. Unlike other projectiles, Ab trainer AB ROCKET has a special backrest with cushions that prevent straining your back. Classes take place effectively and comfortable as possible.
Gyms Ab king Pro
Gyms Ab king Pro and Ab Coaster offers a revolutionary design, which does not allow strain the back, and you can earn a flat stomach in 2 weeks.
Leg Magic
And another trainer for the press, which I want to draw your attention – is Leg Magic, which develops the muscles of the hips, buttocks, and lower abs.

As simulators create good both upper and lower press, you may also use feats, polufity and other sports equipment. It all depends on the load that you can stand, and desired outcomes. In some cases, working out your abdominal muscles along with other muscle groups can be simply done on a gymnastic mat. It all depends on the program you have chosen.

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