The best ergonomic keyboard i have ever tried!

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Date: 2013-05-06

I have used Microsoft keyboards for about 10 years starting with the very first ergonomic keyboard model, that appeared on the market. I was very fond of this kind of keyboard and was not able to work at all when I used a regular one. On the ergonomic keyboard I cab work several times faster and more comfortable than a regular one.

This model from Microsoft is the latest in a line of ergonomic keyboards. There is a later model, but it differs only in the presence of the wireless interface, but otherwise the same inside and out. It is a  pleasure to work with an ergonomic keyboard utilizing touch-typing method.

The only disadvantage is that you must not pull of bend the cable or it will quickly fail. I have tried similar models from other manufacturers, but this is basically the best ergonomically-styled keyboard. Conventionally, the usual keyboard is slightly distinguishable, and there is hardly a difference over a regular Microsoft keyboard. Overall this is a very comfortable keyboard, just remember that after you should never move the cable otherwise use would be more difficult.

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  1. Fred 01 October 2013 :

    I’ve never used ergonomic keyboards, but, having read your review, I’m eager to try.

  2. Deda 05 October 2013 :

    Well, as far as I understood, there is a little difference between a usual keyboard and an ergonomic one. But, on the other hand, if the price is nearly the same, why not try something new?

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