Toy musical whee, JoyToy

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Customer reviews: Toy musical whee, JoyToy

A play car wheel just like father driving a car

Author: CR     Date: 2013-05-17
Author´s opinion:
Because we have a boy, a toy in the form of a wheel was one of the most important toy that was in our mind basically since the birth. As a result we bought a musical wheel from JoyToy. It is made in China according to the license. There were two colors available — blue and red. The wheel is big, in the diameter of 10 inches (26 cm.). The rim was quite thick, but it is convenient to for a kid to hold. There are a lot of sounds — both ignition, and dispersal, sharp braking, and a horn. There are turn signals on the left to the right (thus the wheel will sound "turn on the left" and the bulb from the left side starts ...