Top 10 best BB creams

The letters “BB” stands for “Blemish Balm, Beauty Balm, Blemish Base” – it is a means to mask imperfections. The famous “beauty balm” was invented by German dermatocosmetologist Christina Shrammek.

It was originally a regenerating cream that helps to restore the skin’s health after plastic surgery and serious aesthetic procedures. The cosmetic scene brought the BB cream in Asia. Korean makeup artists began to use it as a concealer, fluid, primer, moisturizing and mattifying cream. The first novelty in using personal make-up on themselves was tested by Asian stars. This wonderful tool has become a constant companion in fashion shows and social events. BB-creams launched through mass production in response to massive demands, giving it the properties of protective skin care product and foundation. Now every good cosmetic brand has its developed BB cream. Such a diverse range of products that are so large to fit on a single shelf. We hope that the results of the test will help you to choose your favorite BB cream – unless, of course, you do not have one.

BB-cream Gosh
Cream promises: hydration, protection from UV rays (SPF 15), stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, increased smoothness and elasticity of the skin, reducing wrinkles, enhances the natural color of the skin, adds a resistant coating.

In fact:
It seemed to me that I chose a shade darker than my skin color, and a little bit worried that eventually the cream will form a mask. But my fears were reduced when the cream really adjusted to the color of my skin, and thanks to a velvety texture, my skin look flawless and the color is distributed. I am the owner of combination type skin, however in the evening after using BB creams I saw a nice bonus – it was not greasy But something confused me. First, the cream does not contain fragrances and smells like paint or gouache, and secondly, on some parts of the face, I felt tightness probably a pull-up effect as a result of anti-aging ingredients in the cream. I felt I was awestruck by BB moisturizer – and my skin felt great.

BB Cream Age Defense by Clinique
Cream promises: protection against UV rays (SPF 30), moisturizing the skin, eliminating shine, reducing wrinkles, smoothing the skin and
visually concealing skin imperfections.

In fact:
I decided to have a test of strength Age Defense on all counts. Therefore, to started applying it as a tool for skin care. Immediately after the washing procedure is through, I placed the day cream, and I thought I made the right decision. Its light and soft texture brought a lot of pleasant emotions and added features. My face was well hydrated, the cream is not sticky on the skin, and by the end of the day a little grease was the only are that had oil. This was a victory for my combination skin! Zinc oxide, iron oxide and silicon in a cream perfectly regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands and reduce isolation. As liquid foundation Age Defense has proved just as efficiently as the day cream. Initially the BB cream has a very light texture, it blends with the skin, thus masking flaws, and even hiding inflammation. When I first put the cream, I worried that this color does not suit my skin. But fears were misplaced, it is easily and quickly adjusted to the tone of my skin, not show the border between the face and neck. Foundation is a means for skin care in one bottle – exactly what I was looking for. Later, after my test I found out that it has excellent sun protection and other new properties.

BB-cream Flexitone from Dr. Brandt
Cream promises: to adjust the color of the skin, give it a healthy glow, contribute to removing wrinkles, moisturize, protect against UVA / UVB rays (SPF 30).

In fact:
When I applied this cream on my hands for the first time it was surprising it was a BB cream – to this point I’ve heard a lot of positive about this product, and waited it to do wonders. It has a light cream texture, a pleasant smell, caresses the skin evenly and conceals visible flaws in the form of wrinkles, redness and enlarged pores. Tube has a dispenser  which provides an obvious advantage, because it allows you to spend money sparingly. BB-Flexitone is fairly stable, and it is also has positive features. True, it can be removed only by using milk to remove makeup. Minus the advantages in focus, which was promised by the manufacturers – the cream should adapt to any skin tone. I got enough Flexitone for my darker, olive-colored skin. The product was almost perfect. My sister, the owner of an aristocratic pallor, has not confirmed this miracle cream properly. Summarizing, we can say that the BB-cream Flexitone Dr. Brandt (your color) – an ideal cream to have in your purse.

BB Cream Garnier “The secret of excellence” for combination and oily skin
Cream promises: hydration, elimination of defects of the skin, radiance, sun protection (SPF 20), skin smoothening, removal of fat.

In fact:
Garnier is made of mass-marketed cosmetics, but you do not have to worry about this. Even with the high price, this BB cream has so many great advantages.
Application of the product is easy, it absorbs quickly too. What is important is that it does not contain strong perfume or fragrances. It literally melts into the skin after application and really evens out the color. Hides such visible defects like acne and redness, while the cream is invisible on the skin. After applying the BB it becomes velvety, there is no effect of the mask and the feeling of tightness. By the end of the day the skin starts to slightly glossy, shiny effect but I can easily remove powder, which is ideally placed before the cream. My opinion: the perfect combination of price and quality.

BB Cream Nude Magique L’Oreal
Cream promises: perfect, even tone, ideal and smooth skin, natural radiance, unnoticeable coating hydration for 24 hours, sun protection (contains SPF-filters).

In fact:
I have to say that I have sensitive skin, the cream did not work for me. So I decided to let my mother use this and ask her in a month about the results of the experiment. It was the first beauty-product that mother did not want to do without. The cream is pigmented, initially it appears to be colorless, but in the process of application in contact with skin the magic pigments gets a shade of cream. Nude Magique is light enough and has almost no odor. On aged skin, such as my mother’s, it produces a striking effect. Reduces wrinkles, making them less visible. Mom used a cream without powder and was very pleased with the result. Personally, I would not recommend this cream for people with dry and sensitive skin.

BB Cream Illuminating Anti-age SPF 20 from Lumene
Cream promises: moisturizing the skin, healthy glow, removal of skin imperfections and alignment of natural tones, preventing the signs of aging of the skin, sun protection (SPF 20).

In fact:
Normally I do not use make-up foundation, gold powder until recently. But to miss a massive advertising campaign of BB-and the wholesale testing of all our editorial I could do without. So I decided to change my powder with Lumene Illuminating Anti-age. Delicate. This lightly textured cream with delicate citrus hue promised miracles. Indeed, Lumene Illuminating Anti-age works fine in the relief of wrinkles, masks pimples, redness and fine lines. Fresh cream gives a glowing looking skin. It is ideally lasts for days and does not appear greasy.

All-In-One BB Cream from The Body Shop
Cream promises: alignment complexion and skin texture, natural skin tone, 24-hour hydration.

In fact:
I decided to use All-In-One for my daily beauty ritual instead of a moisturizer. The cream is applied easily, leaving a pleasant honey aroma, has a delicate texture. However, for my sensitive skin All-In-One is not able to fulfill the role of a moisturizer, all day I had the feeling of dry skin, so I had to use extra moisturizer. And as the foundation The Body Shop has proved much better. All-In-One BB Cream offered matting and evens skin tone. However, does not conceal redness, so for best results, masking should be applied on top of the powder, which, by the way, fits the cream.

BB Cream “Pearls & Caviar” Arnoud
Cream promises: the fight against the signs of aging of the skin, deep moisturizing skin, alignment of the skin surface, masking redness,
uniform skin tone, protection from the rays of UVA / UVB (SPF 15).

In fact:
Ingredients in a cream that contained pearls, caviar, silicon, hyaluronic acid, was promising! In actual fact, the cream was quite thick in consistency, but it went well on the skin, without the effect of applying a mask on the skin. The cream perfectly camouflages imperfections. Even removed the spider veins on my cheek, which have recently appeared. The product does not dry the skin – however, after 6 hours, my skin began to appear glossy. This is the only negative that I have noticed which is easily corrected with powder.

BB-Cream Dream Fresh “Instant Sunshine” from Maybelline New York
Cream promises: hydration, radiance, smoothness, lack of shine, protection against UV rays (SPF 30).

In fact:
Ultra-light gel-cream texture, it seems that you are handling a weightless cloud. It’s easy to be distributed around the area of the face. The active ingredients well moistens skin. Creates a matte effect afterwards. The cream smoothens fine wrinkles, hides imperfections such as wrinkles, eliminates peeling of the skin due to dryness. However, in order to hide from prying eyes visible redness, acne, rashes, you also have to use powder. This cream is just perfect. I came to the conclusion that for me, BB-cream from Maybelline will be a perfect base for make-up.

BB cream from Estée Lauder
Cream promises: even out skin tone and its relief, matte skin protect against the formation of free radicals, protect from UV rays (SPF 35).

In fact:
The texture of the cream was quite tight due to the large numbers SPF, so I applied over liquid foundation or powder. BB well aligns the skin, a relief for the face and hides imperfections visible. It is made up of reflective particles, they gave my skin a glowing effect. All the imperfections on my skin disappeared out of sight after using the product. By the way, SPF 35 works great. I used the cream in hot weather, a lot of time in the sun. Without a protective cream applied on the body, I burned my shoulders and neck, but my face was really protected. For those who are always wearing makeup on the beach, the BB cream from Estée Lauder is the perfect remedy. The only negative – the dense texture of the cream. It has to be applied to the face as if trying use a sponge on your face. In the afternoon my skin would appear oily so I still had to use powder afterwards.

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