Musical farm, Kiddieland

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Customer reviews: Musical farm, Kiddieland

Toys that teach kids about rural life

Author: Ashley     Date: 2013-05-27
Author´s opinion:
This toy may be the ideal way to teach kids about rural life but has some good points and not so good ones. At first about the toy's good points. 1. The toy farm is the most updated version released by Kiddieland. It is easier to play and there are some useful information that will help kids learn more. 2. It has a set of 4 animals — a cow, a horse, a pig and a cockerel — and the farmer. These figures may be played in a set or it is possible to play separately. There are still "built-in" characters — a birdie, a duck and a mouse. 3. All animals make sounds. Besides the animal sound there are also some melodies. Sideways the ...