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product : Sony SmartWatch
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Date: 2013-04-06

Almost every day in the vast market, new products are being launched. Sony is not behind progress and every year, it delights us with many novelties. In 2012, the company has released to its customers a new super smartphone and watch from the Sony Ericsson Live View, which is called SmartWatch and it presents a remote control for your smartphone. This high tech gadget can operate at a distance from your Smartphone, allowing you to reply to SMS, calls, listen to music, find a phone number, etc. This remote control is suitable for all devices on the Android platform.

SmartWatch externally resembles a normal watch with a plastic casing and metal edges. On the side, there is a button that acts as a power on / off and locks the device display. Below is a connector for the charger, and a special clip that secures the strap. But, it has no microUSB-socket. The device weighs 0.18 oz. (5.15 g.). Compared with LiveView, SmartWatch is much thicker, as a device for the clamp is attached to the main body. The device has a good screen resolution of 128×128 pixels.

SmartWatch comes with  an unusually presented and packaged design. The device is firmly fixed at the top box with transparent plastic. The kit also includes USB – cable for charging, setup guide, user manual, and of course, a rubber strap, designed so that the clip is perfectly fastened to it. The packing strap is black, but you can buy it in the stores if you want a different color that fits your taste.

It is also possible to study further instructions at SonyMobile. The clamp on the bottom of the device can also be used for fastening in a user-friendly place, like a belt. This is a fairly new area of ​​operation, as LiveView clamps or clips come completely apart from the device itself, which is inconvenient for the consumers. You can forget it or lose it. Another unique fact is that the package comes with a metal adapter. Naturally, the rubber straps do not look quite respectable on many people, as sometimes they do not fit.

The adapter is fixed in time and it serves as an adapter for any other strap. As a result of the normal set, SmartWatch device for a smartphone can be turned into a unique design solution. You can take it with you on your ordinary everyday life or for any event.

SmartWatch offers enough charge in about 3-4 days, which is very well represented by the specifications. For normal operation, SmartWatch can make important settings. This remote device can communicate with a smartphone through Bluetooth, so  it should always be included. When SmartWatch detects phone, you must enter the PIN code, which is displayed on the smartphone screen as that will confirm the deletion the moment there is random pairing with outsiders. In smartphones, Sony default application provides LiveWareManager GooglePlay for remote device management of SmartWatch. You can use this application in the management of other adroid devices. After the necessary settings for the smooth operation, each user, in his or her sole discretion may determine the necessary application from GooglePlay. The only drawback to its function is that there is no control function radio.

SmartWatch is displayed differently on the screen as it is not like one icon in LiveView, but four.

Remote controlled device interface touchscreen. Although the sensor is hard to get used to at first, with the SmartWatch, it is very convenient. The only disadvantage is the lack of “circularity” when scrolling so you have to go back to see the first desktop. Blocking SmartWatch can be automatic, although it looks like a normal digital watch.

Remote SmartWatch – is a unique gadget that simplifies greatly the use of a smartphone. This goes not only for Sony, but any other brands as well. Compatibility List can be found at SonyMobile.

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  1. SF 07 October 2013 :

    It seems to be quite a useful gadget. It’s a pity that you haven’t mentioned its price, so that I could evaluate how it corresponds the characteristics.

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