How to cook egg “Pashot”


How to cook egg plows

Egg “Pashot” is egg cooked without a shell, traditionally is considered French cuisine. To prepare egg “Pashot” is not so difficult since most of us have cooked eggs before, but with regards to taste, egg pashot is much gentle. This is also the best method to cook very fresh eggs. It is an efficient way to cook eggs because eggs retain their freshness, will not take too much time and you do not have to clean or remove egg shells afterwards.You always need to ensure that eggs are always clean and fresh before you cook them.

You´ll need

  • Eggs (the fresher is the better)
  • 9% vinegar – 1 tbsp
  • Salt – 1 tsp


  • How to cook egg plows

    Use a pan to cook water, allow to boil for several minutes. My pan is about 3 pints (1.5 liters) of water. Place salt in water in order for eggs to turn out as tasty as possible. Eggs can be cooked not only in water, it may also be cooked in wine, broth, milk, etc.

  • How to cook egg plows

    Place vinegar using a tbsp into the boiling water. This point is necessary only if you aren’t sure of freshness of eggs, if you have purchased eggs a week ago or later then use a small amount of vinegar. Vinegar actually helps the insides of the egg to stay and do not disperse as they egg is lowered in the pan. If eggs are fresh, vinegar is not required.

  • How to cook egg plows

    Egg it is carefully broken in a small pan or cup.

  • How to cook egg plows

    Carefully place the egg in boiling water, but first reduce the fire into minimum. Egg has to slide off smoothly in water. When the egg becomes stuck in the bottom of the pan, you may use a spoon and move the egg until it floats in the surface.

  • How to cook egg plows

    How much time it is necessary to cook eggs? It depends on water temperature, freshness of eggs and about what you want to get as outcome. You may use a spoon to test the readiness of the egg that is cooked, but use it very gently. To get a soft-yolk you must cook eggs for 3-4 minutes.

  • How to cook egg plows

    If your egg becomes messy do not worry. This situation often happen when you cook egg “Pashot”. But be careful to prevent the yolk from becoming blurred, in that case there is no possibility to fix this out.

  • How to cook egg plows

    When the egg is ready take it out from the water. If there are areas that have become unpleasant rags you may cut it off.

  • How to cook egg plows

    Everything is ready, as you can see a portion of the yolk may be seen from the outside of the egg; this is perfect as an ornament and becomes an excellent option for a sandwich.

  • How to cook egg plows

    And here is a section of the egg that has been cooked for about 10 minutes, not so bad too.


  • Egg “Pashot” quickly loses an attractive look and taste therefore they can´t be prepared in advance. But you may store egg “Pashot” in a cool water for a short time if necessary.

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