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Date: 2013-03-31

I bought this model as a gift. It came with a solid box that’s big and black, with a green border around the edges. There is a cable for charging and for PC connection as well as a piece of paper called the user manual by which the full version is in electronic form.

There is another box inside which is the same white box, and in it, was a reader. This reader is positioned as «For Education», i.e. for pupils and students, but I would not carry a 21 oz. (600 grams) and 10 inches, in my opinion it has to be intended to use for the purpose of home reading before bedtime for example.

The design of the 912-th PocketBook is weird. I did not understand why it was necessary to have such an incredibly huge border as it just takes a ton of space, makes the reader unable to climb into any normal shoulder bag. The material from which the reader was made of is a plastic soft-touch, but if the back is really a classic soft touch that’s pleasant to the touch and does not soil, the front is terribly an easily soiled parody of the soft-touch. It is difficult and time-consuming to wipe and clean.Well, at least the screen is matte, no glare, and pleasant.

All the buttons are intuitive. There is a button on top of the device, a push button Wi-Fi, as well as a slot for the stylus. On the right side are two more button for zooming and volume control. At the bottom of the device are communication connectors: 3.5 mm headphone jack, microUSB, SD card slot and a small recess to reset to default factory settings. It even has speakers and they are installed in the same place, at the bottom. On the front side (to the right of the screen) are two buttons: for flipping pages and  Home/Menu button. Below the screen is a standard navigation ring and a back button.

General assembly is pretty high.The buttons are well pressed and the whole quality sense solid. PocketBook assembled on the same factory where Apple goods are made on and it contributes the overall quality for sure.

It has a screen size of about 10 inches with a resolution of 1200х825, this is nonstandard and awkward resolution. It’s just not clear as to why it cannot be 1280×720. Actually the E-Ink screen is the latest generation, so i have no complaints about image quality, though “Pearl” screen type considered better on the tests, but in my eyes, the 10-inches would be better by 6 inches anyway.

But the main part of the story is that i had to return it to the store after several days of use, because of the touch screen. It was claimed as a touch screen but when you touch it with your fingers, it does not respond to control them and you may need a special stylus that comes in the kit. I’ve tried a lot times, but did not adjust to the stylus well. It is very hard to use and irritating as i feel like an idiot poking and poking on screen.

Its 1520 mAh batteries has long life and would be enough for a month. The manufacturer promised to turn the pages to 7000 on full charge and sounds true. Wi-Fi works fine and there are no problems with the connection to the home network, but internet surfing is still nothing more than a fun test as most of the sites are not normally displayed.

The processor of the 912-th PocketBook is 533 MHz, it has 256 MB RAM, 2 GB of internal memory, by which only about 800 MB are available. But it’s not a problem, as the card supports up to 32 GB.

As a Linux OS installed device, the interface itself is the same as in any other modern PocketBook, such as the model 622 for example. It has a well-designed interface, so I have no complaints about it. The main plus for this device is the ability to read almost all the existing formats of books, no more conversions needed. I do not have time for a fuss of installing any plugins etc and I would like the device to work perfectly “out of the box”. This PocketBook can meet these expectations, if the stylus problem is not to be taken into account. For example, the 622-th PocketBook model has a touch screen that works perfectly and it has no stylus at all, so what is the sense of putting the stylus in this 912-th model? I do not know.

I can assure you that all the formats of the book opens normally. It opens books without glitches and any formatting problems. This model has a dictionary Lingvo as well.

It comes with a set of standard embedded applications but I will not list them and describe them as hardly anyone actually uses it. Of course, the reader allows you to view photos and listen to music, as well as use voice reading.

In the end, I want to say that before you choose this model, try the stylus to browse pages and flip through for 5 minutes at least. If you’re satisfied, then take it. And if not, then you can choose another Pocketbook 622 Touch, that has no stylus problems.

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  1. Iokki 12 October 2013 :

    Thank you for adding the photos. The purchase looks quite smart, and it has a lot of advantages, too. To my mind, this gadget has more pros than cons, and it is really necessary for those who can’t read from the computer screen.

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