How to cook soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs


How to cook soft-boiled eggs and in the cool

Though cooking of eggs is absolutely simple, however oftentimes cooking eggs can lead to failures. If you cook eggs quickly — the yolk turns out too liquid, and the egg is not suited for salad. If you cook it longer – the yolk becomes rubbery and egg becomes tasteless. I will tell about one way of preparing eggs which yields quite a predictable result; and the eggs prepared becomes tastier.

You´ll need

  • Eggs
  • Salt – 1 tsp
  • Small pan
  • Timer (mobile phone will be enough)


  • How to cook soft-boiled eggs and in the cool

    Before cooking an egg it is necessary to wash it. It will become more aesthetic during the preparation process, and besides washing eggs taken directly from the refrigerator will warm the egg a bit.

  • How to cook soft-boiled eggs and in the cool

    The cookware for cooking of eggs has to be as small as possible, this will help to avoid crash of eggs when cooking, because in a big pan eggs could damage each other easily. Pour in a pan enough water that it could cover completely all the eggs, add salt and bring it to a boil. Water is salted in order that accidentally bursting an egg will not cause it to spread (or spread as little as possible).

  • How to cook soft-boiled eggs and in the cool

    Lower heat to a minimum and be careful on edge of the pan when you lower eggs in boiling water.

  • How to cook soft-boiled eggs and in the cool

    Cook eggs at a small boiling of water at exactly 2 minutes.

  • How to cook soft-boiled eggs and in the cool

    That’s a most important step. Turn off the heat, cover the pan with a lid and wait for 5 minutes if you want to eat soft-boiled eggs and 10 minutes for hard boiled eggs.

  • How to cook soft-boiled eggs and in the cool

    Then put the eggs in a cold water for few minutes. There is an opinion that it will make eggs easier to be peeled. But the fact is the easiness of removing the shell depends only on freshness of eggs – the is fresher the more difficult to remove. And cold water is necessary to stop the preparation process which proceeds (inside the egg) after the eggs are removed from the pan.

  • How to cook soft-boiled eggs and in the cool

    Everything is set and the eggs are ready. If you have cooked soft-boiled eggs, clean only one end which is usually simple even if eggs are fresh. Although to cut it off exactly and beautifully was not the way that happened to me! Bon appetit!

  • How to cook soft-boiled eggs and in the cool

    The hard-boiled eggs that are cooked and cooled, need to be peeled completely especially when you are using eggs for salad. Then at first it is necessary to knock the egg on table, make sure that the shell cracks well so you can easily remove the shell. If egg is too fresh, shells will be more convenient to remove under a water stream.

  • How to cook soft-boiled eggs and in the cool

    Here it is, the egg is ready.


  • In each case the exact time of preparation of eggs is defined by practical consideration. It depends on how hard you boil water, the size of eggs and may also depend on their freshness: the is fresher some eggs are the longer they cook.
  • To avoid a burst of fresh eggs taken from the refrigerator, you may put them in cold water and then bring to a boil.

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  1. Laric 02 June 2013 :

    Thanks Marta for the recipe. I don’t cook and have just been learning different types of basic cooking techniques and your illustrated tutorial is really helpful! I hope you would do more tutorials like this.

  2. raccoon 05 June 2013 :

    I would first like to point out that washing egg before cooking not only increases its aesthetic value but it also helps to clean the shell. Sometimes, when we break eggs, the shell also gets in the egg and if it is not clean then you might suffer from upset stomach.

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