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Date: 2013-03-12

I do not actually know how to choose a blender. This is why when I choose one, it is  purely visual and more focused on the price – one that’s not very cheap but one that’s not overly expensive as well. Most especially, one must choose a blender according to its reliability.

Which are all true with this blender.

Its weight is not that heavy and it is nice to hold.

You can Assemble / disassemble it easily.

It can cope well with tomatoes, but with apples, it is having a hard time. Making puree is possible, but it takes time. You must also read the instructions well as it states that you need to add a little water. It also copes well with plums as they are very ripe and so soft.

In general, this blender is only good for soft fruits, berries and vegetables. Just be aware of its capacity.

It has two speed settings, and I always use the second. Apparently the first is solely good for mixing liquids.

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  1. Alis 08 April 2013 :

    To be honest, it is my very first blender. I have not had much experience with other blenders so I really can’t compare. However, it is rather easy and convenient to use.

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