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Date: 2013-03-21

It is a piece of cardboard that can be bent in three places and create a triangular stand, but the height is not enough anyway.

It is mounted on the magnet automatically, for instance, you just hold the edge of the magnet to the edge of iPad and it is grasped, holds very tight, holds the weight of the iPad 3 if hang and keeps it clean for the cover.

One thing that makes this ipad cover great is that if you close the cover of the iPad, it immediately goes into sleep mode and when you open the cover it immediately wakes up which is why it is convenient. It is a strong enough cover and can withstand signs of wear and tear.

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  1. Gregory 05 April 2013 :

    I am not really pleased with this cover as I have been expecting more I guess. This just seems like a cardboard piece that the users can bent to create somewhat of a triangular stand for iPad.

  2. jasmine 11 April 2013 :

    The iPad smart cover is just like what its name suggests. It is smart, as closing it over your iPad will make your gadget go on sleep mode. It also protects the iPad from getting scratched as well!

  3. Kitta 13 October 2013 :

    To my mind, this cover has two main advantages: it protects the ipad from damage and it helps to avoid the excessive consumption of the electrical energy. So, I think it can be quite useful and convenient.

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