How to make a flavor cubes


How to independently to make cubes

If you the concerned about the health and quality of the food that you serve, for sure you do not use the store flavor cubes at all. And this is actually a right thing to do, because the structure of these cubes contain the following: salt to amplify taste and a smell (E621), starch, hydrogenated vegetable fat, maltodextrin, fat, extract of vegetable proteins, natural and identical natural fragrances, meat, spices, vegetables, natural dye (riboflavinum), i.e. almost nothing useful and natural. But what you do usually when you want to impact additional relish and aroma when cooking? For example in cooking spaghetti or cooking vegetable stew? There is a simple solution to make tasty, absolutely safe and useful flavor cubes. Usually I cook vegetable soup, without broth, and a meat on the main dish. Most often it is stewed chicken or fish. I prepare these separately. It seems such a waste to pour out a rich chicken broth which remains after stewing of meat, but it’s not possible to use it for soup, because of it’s fatty. Then I thought that I may use these to make flavor cubes. If you prepare, for example, beef ribs or simply you cook meat for salad, this broth also will be put to use.

You´ll need

  • Meat on a bone — chicken, or beef brisket, it is all up to your food preferences.
  • A lot of spices — any kind that will suit your taste.
  • Ice trays


  • Prepare the meat in the usual way you do, having added spice and various vegetables. The more vegetables and green-stuff, the more fragrant it will turn out not only for meat dishes but also for broth, and respectively it will also be for cubes. Do not add salt to the meat during cooking since salt will prevent thicken of the broth. You may add salt later, during the serving dishes.
  • Take out meat and use for any dish you want, then filter the broth and cool to room temperature.
  • Remove fat film from the surface of broth.
  • Carefully pour broth in the ice trays and place for 2 hours in a deep freeze to allow the broth cubes to harden.
  • When cubes finally stiffen, shift them for storage. You may store ready cubes in the freezer.


  • It is very convenient to use disposable plastic packages for ice preparation. You do not have to shift and wash anything, after using the package you just simply throw these away. You can find them usually in the section of packing supplies in any store.
  • If you are unable to find such containers, silicone ice trays is a great choice too.
  • There is a question about when to place meat – in the boiled water or cold water. If you want to create a tastier meat – put it in the boiled water. If you want to create tastier broth – then put meat in cold water.
  • If you absolutely don’t like an unsalted meat, pour off the part of broth for a flavor cubes in a 15 minutes before the end of cooking and salt the remained broth with meat.

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