Evil Is Hammy: About the only thing von Krolock and his son

Surfer Dude: Fender talks like a California surfer and even wears swimming trunks and sunglasses. They Call Me Mister Tibbs: Dr. Killemoff insists that everyone refrain from addressing him without the “Dr.” in front of his surname. On women. Everything’s Better with Princesses: Temporary character Alex was a European princess. Fanservice: The first season was made at the height of the “Jiggle TV” era codified by then NBC president and CEO Fred Silverman during his previous tenure as president of ABC Entertainment, so the older girls ran around in skimpy shorts for large portions of every episode. Ruins for Ruins’ Sake: Kenna spends some time living and training with monks at a monastery hidden inside the ruins of an ancient temple (that may or may not have originally belonged to the monks’ order, but no one seems to mind that they’re using it now). Schizo Tech: 99.9% of the world is at your average medieval level, while the Technocrats have steampunk machines and prosthetics on par with modern times. Sequel Hook: The books Finale end like this.

Hermes Replica Bags Everything Sounds Sexier in French: Herbert calls Alfred “mon ch as he flirts with him. Evil Eyebrows: Especially in the German productions, all the vampires’ makeup includes an exaggerated version of these but strangely Sarah and Alfred are the only ones who don’t get them after being turned. Evil Is Hammy: About the only thing von Krolock and his son have in common. But afterward, Bob invokes Rage Breaking Point on Huph, injures him, and gets fired anyway. All There in the Manual: Detailed profiles of other Supers that are only briefly mentioned in the movie (if at all) in the Extras section of the DVD. The comic book also fills in some holes the movie may have left open. Chi, another “mythical” colour. Meaningful because it’s strongly implied to be x rays. Chi is how to pronounce the Greek alphabet’s version of X. Hermes Replica Bags

Replica Valentino Handbags Becoming the Mask: Stephen Kachowski aka “Porl” in “Constant Orbital Revolutions” is an anti terror undercover cop in the FLF who went native and became a sincere terrorist. Body Double: In the “Perihelion” arc, Klem catches the “Haircut Killer” by impersonating the woman who she suspects he intends to kill next. Bookcase Passage: “Constant Orbital Revolutions” has a miniature version http://www.lapuertamora.com/rags-to-royalty-various-examples/, with a secret compartment in the victim’s bedroom closet that is opened by moving a book. Jabo: If he was in one of his moods, I didn’t really pay him any attention. I looked at him. I listened to him. Poor William and Kate, they have so much to contend with. They have the world’s press watching their every move and every arrangement of their wedding being picked over. Whenever some issue is raised some spokesman is wheeled out to give a response Replica Valentino Handbags.

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