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Category: Refrigerators
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Date: 2013-02-25

Five years ago my husband bought this refrigerator. The unit is very high and spacious, there are many large compartments, which are regulated. Included too was an accessory to place and ice. It is equipped with a convenient freezer compartment with three deep plastic boxes. Door mechanism works great.

And now for the shortcomings. When we moved into a new apartment, we have experienced terrible problems. We had to manually carry it to the ninth floor since the height of the fridge is too big for the elevator. Six months after the move, the compressor broke down and the cost of the repair was a third of the amount that we paid for the refrigerator.

Very often the fridge would power off possibly because of the voltage drop, but the sounds it produces interferes with our sleep. We wished there was a mute button for this refrigerator! What we did was to remove the plug from the socket and wait 15 minutes, and then turn the unit on again.

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  1. Samba 12 April 2013 :

    I know what you are talking about Ashley. We too had a large refrigerator and moving it to our new place had been nightmare. Even though larger freezers are better in the sense that they have more space, it also works as a disadvantage sometimes.

  2. Ricci 21 April 2013 :

    I have this freezer. I am happy with it as I have not faced any of the problems you mentioned. I have had other freezers that made more noise that is awful. I think that should not remove the plug from the fridge often as it might shorten its life span. You should check it out.

  3. Vehrf 26 October 2013 :

    I can imagine how you were pulling the refrigerator to the ninth floor, as I had to do it once, too. Too bad that it is so sensible to the voltage drop, it can be dangerous, I think.

  4. tinytreats 27 October 2013 :

    To my mind, such a huge size of the fridge is the fault of the manufacturer, he should have provided the way it can be carried up.

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