Sony Bravia KLV-26NX400

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Customer reviews: Sony Bravia KLV-26NX400

This television isn't suitable for placing on a wall

Author: Feejo     Date: 2013-04-30
Author´s opinion:
This is an excellent TV in every respect! The picture tremendous. After all it is a Sony. It has a very good sound. There is a Clear Voice function that increases the clearness of dialogues in a movie or television show. It is perfect when viewing movies. When music rattles, and then dialogue sharply begins you will never hear rattling. The interface is clear and has different functions. Actual buttons on the panel aren't present. Earlier when we were admiring it, it seemed very thin. But when we decided to move the TV on a wall, it appeared that it at all isn't suitable to be set up on a wall. So if you plan to hang a ...