Liebherr CN 3033

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Customer reviews: Liebherr CN 3033

Huge Cooling And Freezing Space, I Am Happy With My Fridge!

Author: Lillie Walker     Date: 2013-02-05
Author´s opinion:
Previously, we had a small refrigerator which had barely enough space to store perishable foods, but with the purchase of Liebherr, we had no such problems anymore!. This big, roomy fridge has taken its place in our kitchen and in my heart, because now I can store different kinds of foods as many as I want to! It has a large freezer, three shelves, which is enough to freeze vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs for the winter. And the fact that it does not need to defrost makes my life easier than ever.  But that was when we first got the fridge - five years later,the refrigerator began to develop frost, which should ...