How to make geysers (bath bombs) out of cornstarch


how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

Bath bombs (popularly known as geysers) can be prepared easily and quickly from inexpensive and readily available ingredients. Fragrant bubbling balls in the bathroom is appealing to everyone – children and adults will love to use bath bombs as they bathe everyday.

You´ll need

  • Baking soda – 4 tbsp
  • Citric acid – 2 tbsp
  • Cornstarch – 3 tbsp
  • Sweet almond oil or any other type of oil – 2 tbsp
  • Perfume or essential oil
  • Food or cosmetic coloring


  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    Measure your powdered ingredients carefully – baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch. Citric acid must be pre ground in a coffee grinder.

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    Mix all powdered ingredients until smooth blend.

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    Add the selected oil (sweet almond, olive, peach kernel or any other).

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    One more time thoroughly mix everything by hand until smooth blend.

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    You should get a homogeneous mass which is similar in consistency with wet sand. Compress mass by hand; it should not crumble and must holds its shape.

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    Fill your molds firmly with the mixture.

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    Once the two halves of the molds are filled, pour a heaped mixture to provide a tighter grip between the two halves.

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    Strongly press the two halves of the molds together for 15-20 seconds.

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    Carefully remove the top half and then the lower half of the molds. The finished bath bombs should be left to dry for 1 day.

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    Add coconut flavor, if you want to make white coconut bombs.

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    To make colored bath bombs, use pre-painted food or cosmetic dyes or soda.

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    You can make a striped bomb, spreading mixture of color layers.

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    The most important thing is to make a well compacted mixture in the mold, so that the finished bombs will not collapse.

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    Experimenting with dyes and fragrances or essential oils you can get a huge variety of bath bombs.

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    You can bathe every day with a bath bomb with a new flavor.

  • how to make bath bombs with cornstarch

    Geysers with cornstarch during bathing are perfect for caring of skin. They softens it, and makes skin velvety. It also eliminates dryness and flaking.


  • When you mill citric acid in a coffee grinder, wear masks and protective face covering since this chemical is an eye irritant.
  • Store bath bombs in tightly wrapped plastic and keep away from moisture.

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  1. desiree 19 February 2013 :

    :smile: ilike them and will opy them be good for gifts

  2. crystal 05 March 2013 :

    Very cool! :-)

  3. Roskiss 11 March 2013 :

    Amazing. I love it =D

  4. TessB 16 April 2013 :

    This is a very cheap and easy way to make these bubbling balls. Previously, I had no idea, but this would do great savings for me! Glad you shared this method with us.

  5. Rokki 23 April 2013 :

    Yes, you are right; it will cost me less than purchasing the bath bubbles from the market. Besides, I will be able include my own favorite scent to it. Great post!

  6. tinytreats 18 May 2013 :

    Will it have any effect if mix all the ingredients using our hands? I have a sensitive skin, so I am worried about the citric acid. I could see that you wore gloves though.

  7. Dora 01 June 2013 :

    The heart shaped bath bubbles looks really pretty; I think I could use some other shapes too using different molds. Your post gave me great idea for trying something new.

  8. SF 09 June 2013 :

    I agree with you, I might try with different molds. I have a question though, how do we remove the mixture from the mold? Will it come out easily or do we have to use the spoon?

  9. snowflake 12 June 2013 :

    The pictures look really neat. I think I will experiment creating some of my own soaps and if I can do better, then I might make more to make these as gifts for friends.

  10. Anna Veronica 13 June 2013 :

    True, it is a cheap and affordable way to make something creative like this. How can we use colors for creating different colored soaps and what type of color should we use for that?

  11. Samba 15 June 2013 :

    I think she wrote about using the cosmetic dyes or food colors for creating colored bath bubbles in the instructions. Go back to step number 11, it is already written there!

  12. Mona 21 June 2013 :

    The post was very informative Maria, I am glad that you shared it with us. These geysers will not only be refreshing but also great for the skin as well.

  13. Laura 23 June 2013 :

    Wow, now I can afford to create and use my own bath bombs! As you said, how do we make well compacted mixture in the mold, do we have to fill it jam-packed?

  14. Martin 24 June 2013 :

    I have always wanted to know how to make these geysers, so now I will try to make the bath bombs with cornstarch and other ingredients as you have mentioned in the post.

  15. Mona 25 June 2013 :

    The point about using the masks and protective face covering is helpful, I was going to forget about it. I would share your post with my friends and I am sure it will really surprise them.

  16. Sally 25 September 2013 :

    I especially loved those geysers on the 13 and 14 photos, their colour is just wonderful!

  17. Snowflake 10 October 2013 :

    And as for, I enjoed the white hearts on the first photo more. It is suitable as a gift for the Saint Valentine’s Day.

  18. Pamela 21 November 2013 :

    I agree, but it would be better to color them red or pink to give someone for this holiday.

  19. Mainely Handcrafts 08 April 2014 :

    Awesome idea…My only wonder is if the dye will attach to the skin in the bath – or to the tub….but probably wont since its minimal.

  20. Hi,
    If you use special cosmetic dye, your skin and bath will stay clean. And it usually doesn’t depends on the color saturation, in case of using of quality dye.

  21. VendyRo 11 April 2014 :

    Hi, could you please tell me where you take a heart-shaped moulds?

  22. Hi, you can find them in any shop for soap makers and even at amazon and ebay.

  23. Nirmal Anandh 13 April 2014 :

    Great ideas. How you peoples are thinking like this. Awesome.

  24. vasanth 14 April 2014 :

    children would probably like this awesome idea

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