How to make an origami cat out of paper


How to make an origami cat out of paper

These cats are mischievous and capricious they are also affectionate and obedient. Just like origami seals: when you make these cats for the first time you may find it hard. But with the use of paper you can make colorful and cute cats. So let’s start working to make these slender cats.

You´ll need

  • A small slip of paper with a ratio length/width of 1:3 (eg, 2.36×7.08 inches or 6×18 cm). Check the folds if the side of the paper is in different colors to make a colorful cat.


  • How to make an origami cat out of paper

    Fold the strip of paper in half.

  • How to make an origami cat out of paper

    Each of the sides should also be folded into half again. Unbend the last couple of inches. What you get is a double strip of paper, the closed side is at the bottom. Now we have to mark the left edge of a series of folds, which are needed to create the cats’ faces. “Partition” – means to bend and straighten the paper, return to starting position. First, turn down the bottom left corner to the right (this is shown in the photo). Then bend the right to the upper left corner on the dotted linen as shown in the photo. Unfold both angles to get the shape of the paper in the picture.

  • How to make an origami cat out of paper

    We start to work on the left side. Turn over the right side of the paper for a distance limited to the photo with a green dot. Fold this very neatly.

  • How to make an origami cat out of paper

    Open the folded figure completely. Right side – top, middle longitudinal fold should be concave, bends to the left and the right – vygnutye. Turn sheet by 90° to the right (as in the photo). Check the folds to convert them into “mountains” and “valleys.”

  • How to make an origami cat out of paper

    The upper corners of the paper are your future cat ears. Fold each diagonal “mountain” and lift up while pressing the middle of the head. Previously created folds allow the “failure” of the fold to move down. It moves with the body again forming an “accordion” in the flat strip just like the figure shown in step 2. Compare the results. You don’t need scissors for this. Adhere to the instructions in creating  “mountains” and “valleys”, check figure number 4 for comparison.

  • How to make an origami cat out of paper

    Now look at the picture: a green triangle is used for an outlined here to make the chin, you will have to squeeze your fingers on the back of figures. Please note that the top corners that form the inside of the chin have to move down (in the steps required you will create a lower vertex concave corner marked by point A, you need to start at the inside of the chin).

  • How to make an origami cat out of paper

    Squeeze the bottom of the chin, as described in the preceding paragraph. Photo 11 shows the result from the inside, the point A (on the back arched) also marked. Photo 9. Form the ears with lightning-folds. Curved lateral folds (black dot-dash) has been made to make the step easier (remember their location on the additional picture). Stick your fingers into the center, towards each other. Press down, press the image with these new folds (photo 8.2 marked with white “valleys”). Folds have created ready ears. Photo 10. Turn down the upper band of the head on the wrong side. Photo 9 shows the visible portion of these lines bend marked with black, and that which is hidden behind the ears. These folds are not only form the top line of the head, but will record ears. Photo 11. Compare the results. On the reverse side you can see how the average wrinkle ears is bent down and fastened to the top of the head.

  • How to make an origami cat out of paper

    Outline the fold line of the tail.

  • How to make an origami cat out of paper

    Photo 13. On both sides of the previous created bend do two more diagonal bends. Photo 14. Lift the middle of the figure. Working on a previously created step fold lines: cross-ply arches and inflect the figures on both sides of the corners.

  • How to make an origami cat out of paper

    Create the tail perpendicular torso, spread on a plane. Thinning tail, turning the paper on both sides (one side – one layer, on the other – capturing the inner layer of paper).

  • How to make an origami cat out of paper

    Roll the cat tail using a pencil to give it shape. The shape of the tail influence on sustainability of the figures – it serves as a support. Egyptian cats made of paper are ready!


  • Dashed lines mans concave bends (“Valley”), and dot-dash – curved (“mountain”).

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  1. Marisa 09 March 2013 :

    Hello, is there a way to get a step by step video of how to make this cat? There are some steps that I can’t understand (how to make the chin for example) and I really love this cat :-) Thanks!

  2. tinytreats 04 June 2013 :

    Wow! At first, I thought the cats in the picture was made of steel, they looks really shiny and smooth, thank you for letting us know that we could make something like this with paper.

  3. Ricci 12 June 2013 :

    I agree, I really appreciate the detailed instructions and the origami looks really perfect. Will the origami stand by itself when it is done or do we need to include a piece of wood to make it stand?

  4. Lily 20 June 2013 :

    I attempted this cat, and I was extremely confused by a your instructions in steps 6 and 7. They made no sense to me (the extraneous information regarding steps that hadn’t been reached yet made things hard to follow), and the pictures were absolutely no help at all. I wish this were written more clearly, and had more step-by-step pictures. :(

  5. June 28 October 2013 :

    Oh my goodnes this is amazing! I was liked here by, which, because it is a ‘resource’ has designs and directions from a bunch of different sites. This design has been on for the longest time but the link was to a website in Japanese so I haven’t been able to complete it (but not for lack of trying!) I am so glad that there are directions in english now! Thank you so much!!!!

  6. Pamela 25 November 2013 :

    I enjoyed origami when I was at school, and I hope I haven’t lost my skills yet

  7. nituska 13 January 2014 :

    good morning!!!! i have do that but i no understand what mean at step 4 and 5. please please help me!!!! i just have to make it for school please quick answer!! thank you



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