How to make a stained glass bottle with paint colors and contours


how to make stained glass bottle painted colors and contours

Today´s stores offer customers a wide range of souvenirs, gifts and exclusive items that can complement and enrich any interior. As a rule, the price of handmade souvenirs are not low. Moreover, often need to spend a lot of time to find the object that fits in the color scheme of a room. You can save your time and money to decorate the interior painted bottles of own production. This will not just souvenir bottles, gathering dust on the shelves. Very functional, they will serve as beautiful and practical container for wine, olive oil and other food products. They will be the focus of guests gathered at your holiday table.

You´ll need

  • Beautiful shape bottle made from transparent glass
  • The contours of the glass and ceramics
  • Stained glass paints for glass and ceramics (be sure to have colorless paint)
  • Colored sand
  • Cloth or cotton
  • Brushes
  • Ruler
  • Solvent or a simple nail polish remover


  • how to make stained glass bottle painted colors and contours

    Thoroughly wash and dry the bottle´s surface.

  • how to make stained glass bottle painted colors and contours

    Trace the bottle into squares with the glass’s contour. Circuit will function as boundaries between different colors of paint to not allow paints mixing and flowing one to another. Need to work with the circuit slowly, keeping it at a distance of 0.04 inches (1 mm) from the surface to paint. Then the circuit will go evenly and smoothly.

  • Give the circuit to set. Usually contours dry for 20-30 minutes, if they are not for high temperature drying only.
  • Paint the bottle squares with colors you want and let them dry for 30-40 minutes. Paint should be applied evenly, barely touching the glass with a brush, as if stretching the paint.
  • how to make stained glass bottle painted colors and contours

    Decorating a bottle with colored sand. Sand is dry and it can not hold on the glass. Therefore, when you apply sand on the bottle, you’ll have to fix it immediately with a colorless stained glass paint or varnish.

  • Decorate the bottle and draw a path on the surface of different curls, symbols, or other items. Here it can unleash the imagination.
  • how to make stained glass bottle painted colors and contours

    Bottle cap is also can be beautify with the circuit and sand.

  • how to make stained glass bottle painted colors and contours

    The bottle is ready! If you put the number of bottles in front of the light, they will glow like a stained-glass window, filling the room with an open colored rays.


  • The contours of the glass and ceramics can be purchased at specialty art stores. They come in all colors. The most impressive look with the color of gold, copper and silver.
  • Paints for glass and ceramics are also sold in stores for artists.
  • Paints and contours are divided into those that need to bake in the oven, and the ones that do not need it. When painting bottles easier to use materials that do not require baking, because foods do not come into contact with the painted side of the bottle.

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  1. Fred 13 June 2013 :

    I loved the stained glass bottle and its colors. This is a really creative post and I am surprised how easily I will be able to make it with the simple elements you have mentioned.

  2. Loyd 24 June 2013 :

    I agree with you too, this is really simple and also a great gift idea. Maybe I can create some and sell as souvenirs as they will be a great collection to my handicrafts store.

  3. Wuddy 27 June 2013 :

    Yes, I think I could use my favorite colors too and I could also use this method to create stained glass pen holders. It is a great post and thank you for mentioning where we could purchase the glass and ceramics.

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