How to make a cat out of salt dough


сделать котика из солёного теста

Salt dough has excellent ductility properties. It’s a pleasure to work with this material in comparison with plasticine which needs to be pre-kneaded hard for the some time. Dough is made from a very simple recipe.

You´ll need

  • Wheat flour
  • Salt
  • Water


  • сделать котика из солёного теста

    Place 5 oz. (150 g.) of flour in a cup.

  • сделать котика из солёного теста

    Take 5 oz. (150 g.) of salt.

  • сделать котика из солёного теста

    Pour salt in a bowl together with the flour. Mix the dry ingredients up.

  • сделать котика из солёного теста

    Water is added in portions in very small injections. On the above mentioned amount of flour and salt, you have to add about 1.8 oz. (50 g.) of water.

  • сделать котика из солёного теста

    It is important not to overdo using water; too much water would be difficult to work with the dough and will take a very long time to dry. Thoroughly mix flour and salt every time you add small amounts of water.

  • сделать котика из солёного теста

    After getting the right consistency (as shown on picture) do not add water anymore. You should thoroughly knead the mass so that it does not stick to the hands and does not crumble.

  • сделать котика из солёного теста

    Divide the dough into several parts, for head, body, tail and small minutiae. The tail and other small parts may be from small bits of dough.

  • сделать котика из солёного теста

    Plasticine perfectly holds any desired shape. Salt dough however is softer, so it will naturally “spread”. That’s why it is best to lay out parts sculpted on some pattern like a thick cardboard, wood or plastic.

  • сделать котика из солёного теста

    Place ready parts accordingly your planned pattern (or as shown at picture), there is no limits or advice about cat appearance, you can liberate your imagination. It takes two or three days to dry your creation. You can place your work in an oven for 1-1.5 hours to dry for a minimum temperature, and then another left out to dry naturally.

  • сделать котика из солёного теста

    When the dough is completely dry, you can start painting. To paint the salt dough cat, you can use any paint, gouache although thicker and falls to the surface better.

  • сделать котика из солёного теста

    Paint the cat depending on your taste or as shown on picture. To protect the color carefully apply a coat of varnish.

  • сделать котика из солёного теста

    This will look great in a wooden frame in your personal hall of fame.


  • Salt may be added to the recipe in smaller amounts.
  • Do not dry the product at high temperature – it will dry up and crack.

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  1. Rose 19 March 2013 :

    Hi, Loved the idea. I am planning to try something like this over the weekend. Can you please tell me how you fixed the cat on the frame? simple glue works?? thank you so much.

  2. You may use white glue, that is most often used for such kind of work. White glue demands several hours to dry, don’t forget about it, you may just leave it for night, but if you have used a thin layer of glue, it will dry up much more faster.


    Use a thin coating for little details as well as thick coating for figures and big details. White glue is also good for sticking dense cloth to the frame.


    Transparent quick-drying glues are well for decoration too, they are called “moment”, “instant”, “1 minute”, “5 minutes” and so on. But you have to follow the rules with such kind of glues, it can stick your fingers together very fast and it is quite hard to remove.

  3. Rose 21 March 2013 :

    Thank You Katiss!!

  4. SF 21 April 2013 :

    The procedure seems incredibly easy; it would be fun to make this one with my little brother and sisters. I am glad you shared such an interesting post like this.

  5. Dora 07 June 2013 :

    Yes, I like the idea too, but how long will it last? Maybe, we could use a glass frame on it so that it would not be damaged over time.

  6. Wuddy 15 June 2013 :

    You are right; this will looks incredibly good as a painting. Could you please suggest using any particular kind of color, because I am not sure which paint will get good on it.

  7. opra 25 November 2013 :

    This picture will look perfect on the wall in my daughter’s bedroom. She loves animals, and this gorgeous cat will definitively please her!

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