How to make a beaded snowdrop


How to make beaded snowdrop

Snowdrops are all associated with spring. These delicate flowers can bring spring spirit into every home.

You´ll need

  • Color (blue, green and yellow) beads
  • Thin copper wire – must pass once through the holes in beads; one snowdrop take about 6.5 ft (2 meters)
  • Thicker wire for the stem
  • Green thread
  • Any colorless varnish


  • How to make beaded snowdrop

    Let´s start with the creation of the corolla. Cut the 15 inches (40 cm) wire and put on it 6 blue beads. Arrange them in 2.8 inches (7 cm) from one end and twist one loop. At the long end, put 132 blue beads. Of course, you may not accurately count the beads, you can always remove extra beads or add if lacking.

  • How to make beaded snowdrop

    Around the first loop, making the second of 17 beads, attach the resulting petal a pointed shape.

  • How to make beaded snowdrop

    At 0.07 inches (4 mm) from the first petal on the long end of the wire, make the next loop of 6 beads and an arc of 17 beads around it.

  • How to make beaded snowdrop

    Then add another 4 petals (of 6).

  • How to make beaded snowdrop

    Twist the wire ends together and we´ve got a little flower. But it still has no stamens. We´ll fix that.

  • How to make beaded snowdrop

    Cut the 6 inches (15 cm) wire. String on this segment yellow (or gold) beads and place it in 1.5 inches (4 cm) from the left end. Bend the wire (bead must be at the crease), and twist the ends of the wire under the bead on the length of the stamens (about 0.3 inches or 7 mm). Put on another bead on the long end and bend the wire again.

  • How to make beaded snowdrop

    Twist the second stamen in the area under the second bead.

  • How to make beaded snowdrop

    And so, do six stamens. Twist together the tips of the wires and insert stamens into the flower.

  • How to make beaded snowdrop

    Our snowdrop will have the buds too, along with flowers. You need to take 12 inches (30 cm) of wire and make a loop on it with 10 green beads, two blue petals (as we twist it for corolla) and two more loops of 10 green beads.

  • How to make beaded snowdrop

    Twist the ends of the wire so that we get a blue bud wrapped in green petals.

  • How to make beaded snowdrop

    To make the leafs, cut the wire 24 inches (60 cm) long and bend it so as to obtain the tips 8 and 16 inches long (20 and 40 cm). Long tip of the bend twist with a short one a couple of times at a distance of 2.5 inches (6 cm) from the fold. Put 59 green beads at the short end of the axis and 60 beads at the long end.

  • How to make beaded snowdrop

    Twist the long end with the short over the 59 beads.

  • Put on 60 green beads at the long tip and twist it with the short tip under the 59 beads. You only need to fix the short tip of the wire and trim the excess. Leaf is ready.
  • How to make beaded snowdrop

    Let’s try to aggregate a snowdrop of beads now. I usually do a snowdrop containing two leaves, two flowers and bud. Wind all parts to thick wire using green thread, then make a knot of green thread at the bottom.

  • How to make beaded snowdrop

    Brush the stem with colorless varnish and get them well soaked. Snowdrop will be ready when the varnish dries.


  • Try to choose high-quality beads, because the accuracy and beauty of the outcome depends ultimately on how smooth the beads are.

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  1. Ariadna Smith 14 May 2013 :

    The beaded flowers and leaves looks very beautiful, what a wonderful and creative idea this is. I really appreciate how you posted photos which will make following the steps easier for me.

  2. Lucky 23 June 2013 :

    I completely agree and thank you for suggesting choosing high-quality beads and colorless varnish, I would not have thought about it. How long will it take for the varnish to dry?

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