Examples of docufiction include Ingagi (1930)

Maybe everyone would try to be my “friend” for the wrong reason, which would be tedious. (Felix Dennis, the former rock star and publisher of the subversive magazine Oz, wrote a book about being rich; he said it had many disadvantages, but it definitely improves your sex life no end.) Maybe I would become a slave to my money and possessions maybe they would possess me. Maybe I would spend too much time worrying about preserving and increasing my wealth.

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aaa replica designer handbags Under the pretense of being an educational ethnographic film, producers could justify showing half clad natives in jungle epics and South Sea island documentaries. This was often done by editing in stock footage or fabricating new scenes with ethnic looking stand ins. Examples of docufiction include Ingagi (1930), notorious for its fake scenes of semi nude “native” girls filmed on a back lot. aaa replica designer handbags

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