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Date: 2013-02-17

After unsuccessfully shopping for a mouse from Microsoft, I had to find another brand to check out. In the end, I bought a top of the line Logitek wireless mouse model.

The mouse is wireless and works fine. Overall this gaming mouse from Logitek in the full sense of the word, has its weights. You can use up to 4 loads simultaneously and the images are great. Its LED lights light up for three profiles or for three-speeds and is fully customizable. There is a switch under the left mouse button; you can easily find it using the image. Also has a removable panel.

The material used for the mouse is called SoftTach (SoftTouch), which is very pleasant to the touch. However it does not stay on it and it stains. It can easily get fingerprints and this becomes generally dirty which is more difficult to maintain than the usual glossy type of material.

The mouse has a feature, it has a dial mean so it can freely rotate. However, there are no locks in the rotation and it basically revolves very quickly. When you are viewing large pages, websites become easy to view. When you want to use this feature you press down and the screen flies itself further downwards. Well, about the accuracy of the device, it is very impressive. It brings great joy when you use it for playing and when you use it for daily work. Keystrokes are also very easy to do and are very natural as well.

I recommend this mouse since it has good features; it is inexpensive which is ideal for anyone who has a limited budget. .

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  1. Habbri 02 May 2013 :

    It truly is a good-looking mouse. I would love to have it. However, as my laptop is of white color, I wonder whether it would look good if paired with it.

  2. Donald D 03 May 2013 :

    I think that it is a well thought out mouse from Logitech. Well I think that I will try this mouse out next time I need one. I especially like the idea of different light for different profiles.

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